Youths flee as police gatecrash 30-strong gathering at skate park near Lincoln

Police are trying to track down some teenagers after destroying a large gathering near Lincoln.

The officers were called to the skate park on the Witham fields in North Hykeham yesterday, Saturday, May 15, just after 5:30 p.m.

It was found that around 30 young people have gathered on site.

With current government guidelines that people can only meet in a group of six, the meeting quickly ended.

However, not all of them cooperated with the police, saying that some of those involved ran away before the officers had a chance to speak to them.

A number of speakers were confiscated, as was a case of beer.

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Police say they will now try to track down those who have fled and assess whether any violations have been committed.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “The officers visited the skate park on Fen Road shortly after 5:30 pm after reports of a large gathering of youths were reported.

“Alcohol and speakers have been confiscated and we have spoken to the majority of these youth.

“Some youngsters have fled the scene, so we’ll try to identify them.

“We are investigating possible violations of Covid and whether other crimes have taken place.”

The police announced on the Hykeham and Bracebridge Facebook page that the youths were being pulled up.

And while there were some who questioned the gravity of the crime committed, there were some who thanked the police.

Malcolm Husband wrote, “Well, the sooner people get the news, the better.”

Karen Beaven commented: “It’s good that the police really have to take action against the stubborn youth who are destroying and spoiling our outdoor areas.”

Steve Swain added, “Hopefully your parents will be informed.”

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