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WRX Trade Satinwood Rating

Posted by Mike Gregory

This is a water-based acrylic satin wood suitable for indoor woodwork. Since it does not contain any alkyd at all, it will never discolor or turn yellow. Available in white and in 2.5 or 5 liter cans, either directly from WRX by clicking here, or TopDec decoration accessories here.

WRX Trade Satinwood is touch dried after one hour and recoated after 6 hours, which means more than one coat can be applied per day. As with all products of this type, it will harden for about a week after the paint is applied. This is my WRX Trade Satinwood review, I hope you enjoy it.


This product does not need to be diluted as it is already loose. Just make sure you stir it well before you start. You will find WRX Trade Satinwood keeps flying !! Very quick and easy to use. Another bonus is that you don’t get pesky ninja runs (if you’re used to water-based paint, you’ll understand). The only downside is that the varnish is a little difficult to cut, but this goes for almost all products of this type.

The achievement and the overall end

I can honestly say that WRX Trade Satinwood is one of the best water based satins I have ever used. You can apply it directly to old oil-based gloss (with the right preparation) and it will pass a scratch test in a matter of hours. The opacity is fantastic, two coats is all you normally need over previously painted coats. It also goes for miles. Another plus point is the destination; Brush marks just fade and the color is a real bright white !!

I’ve just started using WRX Trade Satinwood so I can’t say too much about its durability or longevity. It doesn’t seem to mark or scrub very easily so I have confidence but I will return to this blog and update it after a few months.

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