Will you take the ecoSEAL challenge?

Do you accept the ecoSEAL Challenge?

With the help of some familiar faces of throughout the construction industry has launched Geocel the ecoSEALC.Challenge. Part of a six month promotion campaign tHose in the trade to reduce their plastic waste, The company offers tradespeople the opportunity to do so Accept the challenge and try that ecoSEAL system for yourself, free.

A number of Trade influencers have already accepted the challenge and have documented their experiencess, including Julian Perryman, Roger Bisby and Wayne De Wet.

Now Geocel would like to give someone in the trade the chance to try out the innovative system for yourself and promise to reduce you Plastic garbage. Those who are interested is sent a ecoSEAL Product, to try for free. Participants can choose of Painter Kumpel, D.OWSIL ecoSEAL 785+, DOWSIL ecoSEAL 796th, D.OWSIL ecoSEAL 799 or Geocel ecoSEAL THE WORKS PRO sealant and adhesive – and you get it too an ecoSEAL sleeve that can be used up to 75 times.

Recipients will be encouraged to film their own product review and send it to Geocel‘s Social media Channels for their chance to win one £ 500 voucher. A A new winner is selected by Geocel every month.

Laura Hettenbach, S.enior Trade Brands campaign manager at Geocel commented, “We are excited to work with a number of employees familiar faces encourage the broader sector to do their part reductione Plastic garbage. With over 100 million plastic cartridges ending up in a landfill every year, that’s the case Is vital to the construction industry working to be more sustainable.

“Register today to test the ecoSEAL system for free and play your part.

T.The ecoSEAL sleeve can be used an average of 75 times and can be recycled at the end of its useful life. In addition, once empty, ecoSEAL foils are eight Times smaller than traditional cartridges, which means less waste is sent to the landfill, eventually reductioning Disposal costs for larger projects.

D.OWSIL ecosEAL 785+ Bacteria-resistant sanitary silicone sealant is A fast curing sealant that gives excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces. Non-tacky in 30 minutes, it can be applied in a temperature range of +5 to + 40 ° C and hardens to a glossy finish. additionally The sealant is specifically designed for sealing plumbing fixtures, including bathrooms, showers, sinks, urinals and ceramic tile joints. It protects against bacterial growth, salmonella, E. coli and MRSA.

D.OWSIL ecoSEAL 796 Aluminum & wood silicone sealant A neutral silicone that is suitable for sealing between PVC, aluminum and wooden door and window frames and most common construction substrates. It is highly flexible 10-minute working time and is fast curing, resistant to ozone, UV radiation and extreme temperatures.

D.OWSIL ecoSEAL 799 Glaze and Go silicone sealant is a One-piece plastic and glass silicone that provides strong adhesion to most plastics including PVC and polycarbonate profiles and sheets. With excellent weather properties, D.OWSIL 799 is resistant to ozone, UV radiation and extreme temperatures. Very flexible, it has a working time of 5 to 10 Minutes and sets quickly – tack-free in 20 minutes.

Geocel Painters Mate is a high quality acrylic filler for use both internally and externally. The unrivaled formula offers many advantages over standard fillers and is ideal for hairline cracks. Painters Mate is very flexible and easy to use without Grinding required and it can be painted over within an hour.

Geocel ecoSEAL THE WORKS PRO is a multi-purpose sealant and adhesive that can seal, fill, and glue practically any surface, wet or dry, inside or outside. Fast curing, results are obtained that last quickly.

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