What is contract matt paint used for?

sss What is contract matt paint used for?

By Mike Cupit

Contract mat is often a cheaper alternative to vinyl mat and contains less polymeric binder. This gives the paint certain properties. But what is contract matt paint used for? I thought I would put pen on paper and explain.

Contract Matt as a smoke cloak

A “layer of mist” is the primer that you would apply to bare pavement. Many decorators have been using application mats as a mist coating for decades. Due to the lack of polymer binders, the contract mat is breathable and adheres quite well to the plaster of paris after dilution.

Using contract mats as a fog coat is a bit “old school”. There was a time when every decorator was taught to use a layer of contract mat, and it can still be effective now. However, many manufacturers either advise using a special primer or just dilute the same product that you use as a topcoat heavily and apply it directly to the plaster.


Contract mat can be used as a topcoat on a ceiling. In fact, it is ideal in some cases. The opacity is generally very good, which means fewer layers are needed. It’s often flatter than some alternatives, which means fewer problems with framing and blinking images.

The disadvantage of using contract mats on a blanket is its durability. In a room, it’s useless if you want to wallpaper the walls because you can’t wipe any paste residue off your finished ceiling. It’s also not good in the kitchen or bathroom as grease and moisture penetrate and raise the color.

Using Contract Matt in a New Construction Home

Contract mat is often used as a “builder finish” on many new builds. This is mainly due to the price !! Other factors are the breathability of contract mats, which means they can be applied to bare plaster walls that have not fully cured or dried out.

Contract Matt is also a great base for additional products so a homeowner can come in and apply any paint job they want over the Builders Finish.

The best contract matte emulsion

This section is easy as we have a separate blog for the best contract mat emulsion on the market. As for where to buy, the first thing to remember is always to buy commercial paint !! Get to a proper trading counter. If you need a good online supplier, click here to paint shed.

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