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Weathertex masonry paint rating

Posted by Mike Gregory

Weathertex AP77 flexible, smooth masonry paint is an exterior product used to coat masonry surfaces such as plaster, brick, rough plaster, pebble and stone. You can buy this product in 5, 10, or 15 liter cups, but it only comes in a handful of colors. The AP77 is breathable, self-cleaning, very water-repellent, flexible and sticks hard and quickly. You can apply this paint either with a brush and roller or with an airless sprayer. It’s also self-priming over stone so no separate product is required. This is my review of Weathertex Masonry Paints, I hope you find it useful.

Application and performance

Weathertex wall paint can be used straight from the can without any problems, but the opacity is very good, so you can dilute with clear water without having to apply additional layers.

The overall result is great !! Very flat matt with little to no gloss. This eliminates any danger of lightning, and gives you a rich color and a luxurious-looking finish. Due to the low degree of gloss, unevenness of the surface is well masked.

Weathertex Smooth Masonry Paint is just as plastic as some of the other popular brands, but you can still flood surface cracks to hide them brilliantly.


I’ll be honest, this is a top quality product and one that is going a little under the radar. In addition to the finish, Weathertex smooth masonry varnish is highly breathable, so you can use it on waterproof or even cement-based plasters. Because of its breathability and high adhesion, you know that this product will last a long time!

There is more! The self-cleaning properties of this paint ensure that water runs off without a trace, even if it is dirty. You can assume that Weathertex will last smooth masonry paints for a good 20 years before you need to redecorate.

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