Versace Wallpaper Review – Avoid if Possible!

Versace Wallpaper Review – Greek Key Black

Posted by Mike Gregory

I have been a professional decorator for many years and have hung a wide variety of wall coverings during that time. Designer wallpapers are usually a joy to hang and look great. I came across Versace Wallpaper for the first time in my career a few weeks ago and had to put pen to paper over it. My client paid almost £ 60 a roll for the paper and it was crap! Sorry, I know that doesn’t sound very professional, but it just happened. I’ll take you through the paper and the problems I ran into. If you are thinking of using it, avoid it at all costs.

The pattern was Greek key in black. Product code 935234, wide vinyl fleece. I used the recommended paste and lined the walls according to the manufacturer’s instructions before installing the paper.

The first issue, the instructions specify a “free match”, outright scabies! There is a swirl pattern that needs to be aligned to make it look symmetrical. That would be easy enough, but this Greek key pattern has a border on each side so you’re trying to find a pattern that is 6 inches apart. You need to mark each piece before hanging it. Fair enough, annoying and difficult to hang, but doable.

The next problem was the joints. It’s a black glossy paper that shows every seam in white !! £ 60 a roll of paper and the seams stick out like a sore thumb !! It looks shitty, I had to dye the end of each roll with a black pencil before I could hang it and I still couldn’t hide it. Same goes for any splices you need to make (overlap the paper and cut through both to make the supposedly perfect connection). With that it stands out a mile Window revealed looked appalling.

Next issue !! You can’t get any paste on the front of this paper at all !! The normal procedure dictates that after hanging a drop, you wipe off any fingerprints of paste seepage on the seams. In this paper, there are lots of tiny lines embedded in the pattern, which means that any paste will be nipped where it shouldn’t be. Wiping it down with a damp sponge will only make it look worse !! You just have to be careful when you hang it in the first place.

Last but not least, it shows every imperfection on the wall! Luckily I lined the walls well, but even then I have a speck of dust behind the paper and it stands out for a mile. If your walls are in bad shape, forget about it !!

I brought it to my client’s attention, spent extra time on work, and looked good (I still wasn’t happy). I just feel like my customer was scammed when she bought the product. How can something so poor be so expensive? I know people will pay for the name “Versace” but come on !! No wonder it’s planned for Decorators Forum UK !!

If you have a bigger budget on wallpaper, you can do a lot better than Versace. Don’t pay big bucks for a designer name unless the quality is there. Check out Harlequin or Sanderson instead.

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