UK bricklayers and plasterers earn MORE than architects | UK | News

Floors, scaffolding, and plasterers also make more, and one firm paid London bricklayers £ 90,000 a year.

Brian Berry, CEO of FMB, said, “Talking about money and annual salaries, a career in construction trumps many graduate roles.

“The average college graduate in England makes £ 32,000 a year, while your average bricklayer or roofer across the UK makes £ 42,000 a year.

“So pursuing a career in construction is getting smarter all the time.”

Plumbing is the most lucrative technical business with an average income of £ 48,675 per year, followed by electricians (£ 47,265), civil engineers (£ 44,253), steel fixers (£ 44,174), roofers (£ 42,303), bricklayers (£ 42,034). Carpenters and joiners (£ 41,413), plasterers (£ 41,045), scaffolding (£ 40,942), flooring (£ 39,131) and plant workers (£ 38,409).

According to the Bureau of National Statistics, architects make an average of £ 38,228 a year, followed by painters and decorators (£ 34,587) and general construction workers (£ 32,392).

The government is striving for an equality of appreciation between academic and technical education and creating a technical education system that “can compete with the best in the world”.

Julie Hyde, director of professional qualifications specialist CACHE, said, “Technical education is critical to ensuring we have the skilled workforce this country needs for the future.”

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