The cheapest UK supermarket has been announced – and it’s no longer Morrisons

Supermarket giant Asda has regained its title of cheapest supermarket in the UK after being knocked down by Morrisons last month.

Asda returned to the top and was once again the cheapest supermarket for shoppers. The average purchase price in March was £ 7.22 cheaper than in February.

An online price tracking website constantly monitors price increases and decreases in seven major UK online supermarkets.

The results were obtained by carefully tracking how each online retailer rated the 43 items in the “shopping basket” of the government’s consumer price index on a weekly basis.

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Asda on Holles Street, Grimsby

When it comes to price increases during the month of March, the price of Gordon’s Gin (70cl) went from £ 13.00 in week two to £ 16.00 in week three at Morrisons, tea bags (Yorkshire Tea – 240) were at Asda for £ 4.50 available in week two but rose to £ 5.75 in week three, full chocolate (Cadbury Dairy Milk 360g) was £ 3.50 in week 4 in Iceland and fell to £ 3.00 in week five.

Sainsburys has had some of the most regular price changes on pizza (Dr. Oetker Mozzarella Ristorante Pizza 335g), going from £ 2.50 in week two to £ 1.75 in week three, along with their pasta (home brand Penne Rigate 500g ) started at £ 1.50 in week two but rose to £ 1.95 in week three.

There seems to be a clear pattern in most supermarket pricing systems. A lot of changes are made during the third week of the month which could be due to UK shoppers doing their business in the middle of the month without realizing that this is probably the worst time to shop for their groceries as that’s when prices move on change frequently and this may not always be for the better.

Andy Barr, co-founder of, said, “It’s crazy how quickly the tables can turn. Although Morrisons ousted Asda from the top last month, it wasn’t long before they regained their title. Morrisons dropped to fourth rather than second – which made them more expensive than Iceland and Tesco in March.

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Morrisons on Hilmore Road, Laceby, Grimsby

“Waitrose is still the most expensive, but that’s not too much of a shock. However, it’s interesting to see Tesco move to the top of the charts. Therefore, some discounts are clearly given, as these have consistently been more expensive than Sainsburys and Morrisons in recent months.

“I wonder if these results will mean that Morrisons will work hard behind the scenes to make sure they fight Asda again for the top spot in the months ahead.”

On the online price tracking website, the prices of 42 items from the shopping basket of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the Office for National Statistics have been recorded since 2019. The list includes items such as eggs, milk, and bread, as well as non-perishable items such as pasta, rice, and cereal.

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The prices in seven of the largest supermarkets are analyzed, whereby the discounters Lidl and Aldi are not taken into account, as customers are not able to buy all ranges online and do not have the same branded products in stock as other supermarkets.

Private label items (or their equivalents) were monitored in the survey to allow the most unbiased comparison of goods and prices, with the exception of branded items stocked in all seven supermarkets (e.g. Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, etc.). .

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The full breakdown of each supermarket’s average cart cost from lowest to highest over the five week period in March was as follows:

1.ASDA – £ 105.42 (- £ 7.22 less than last month)

2. Iceland – £ 114.32 (- £ 1.61 less than last month)

3. Tesco – £ 115.02 (-29 pence less than last month)

4. Morrisons – £ 117.46 (+ £ 4.90 more than last month)

5. Sainsburys – £ 117.82 (+ 6p more than last month)

6. Ocado – £ 127.19 (+ £ 4.13 more than last month)

7. Waitrose – £ 128.55 (-34p less than last month)

To ensure that the results in the stores are fair, the product is dismissed and not analyzed within the final shopping cart cost for the month if an item is unavailable or out of stock in one of the seven online stores for a week.

Items can be replaced with other comparable items, provided they are in stock at all seven retailers.

However, no tracked products had to be swapped or were out of stock for March.

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