The Best Paintbrushes for Emulsion in the World

The best brushes for emulsions in the world

Simon Young

I’ve been a decorator for almost 30 years and a real brush freak who tries a lot of different brands from across the job. Decorators Forum UK asked me to name the very best brushes for emulsion paints. These are my top 5. Most are available in the UK.


Richard is a Canadian brush manufacturer. They currently have a limited range of Mypaintbrush. Or you have access to the entire range from Canada, which means shipping. They are what I would call a premium brush. Very high quality bristles & ergonomically shaped. I love the sheer number of filaments in the brush and its length. It holds a lot of color and is very easy to apply. What I don’t like is the density and length of the filaments when it is time to wash out! The amount of material it contains can make it difficult to wash out and take significantly longer to clean. Even if you buy from the UK, you will only have access to a limited range. The price is in the 10-15 pound range so not cheap but a very nice brush. For me a solid 8/10. Simply one of the best brushes out there.

the best brushes in the world, Richard


Oldfields has been making brushes in Australia for over 100 years. They are masters of brush makers. I’ve been using Oldfields for over a year now. They have recently become available exclusively from Mypaintbrush. They are a very well made and designed brush. Available in beaver tail and long handle. Nice soft synthetic filaments, color pickup and flow are great too. Long-lasting and hold their shape incredibly well even after being washed off. What I do not like; Not much honestly … Maybe a few more filaments in the oval brushes, but that’s just that I’m picky. In terms of price, I think they cost the money for £ 15 with 2 brushes. I would then easily rate it with 9/10.

Zachary Royals

Another Canadian brush manufacturer. I’ve been using them again for over a year. I was reluctant to submit these at first as it was difficult to obtain. At the time of writing, they are only available from a UK Facebook seller, although you can buy them and have them shipped in Canada. Zachary Brushes have a super soft and thin blend of filaments that is very similar to a Proform Blaze, but with no twist issues. They are also distinguished by the incision. They are for sure one of the best cutting brushes I have ever used. They’re a good brush in every way, but the cut line of the products is really very good. I don’t like how hard they are to find / get in the UK. You have to work harder to find a proper EU / UK distributor. Also, I find that the filaments tend to hold the dry paint around the ferrule. In terms of price, it’s a bit everywhere. If you can get them in the UK for £ 12 a brush, US / Canada order £ 35 for 3. I would rate them 8/10.

the best brushes in the world, Zachary Royals


A huge brand from the US, although known for their rollers rather than brushes. They make rolls for a variety of other brands; Chances are you used their stuff and didn’t know it. Premier has 3 main mixes available. My preference is the Morton company mix. It’s a great brush for your thicker paints like Dulux Diamond Matt and Armstead Anti Mold. Good picking up and putting down. Good ergonomics and very easy to wash out. I don’t like the length of the film, I think it could be a touch longer. Currently only available from London Decorators’ Merchants but I think this will get better soon. Priced … £ 10- £ 15 per brush depending on size. Solid 7.5 / 10

the best brushes in the world, premier

ProDec ice fusion

I couldn’t do a brush review without including the Ice Fusion brush! I got off to a bumpy start with these. I first compared them to the premium brushes I talked about. I was disappointed with an average brush. Not worth the whole fan fair. Then I took a second look. I compared them to other brushes in their price range, Fox, Axus, Rolling Dog, Ciret, etc. Now they make sense! When you use them back to back with them, the Ice Fusion blows the competition out of the water. For me, there is no other brush that comes close at this price. 15 € for a box of 3! They are a great everyday brush. Holds a fair amount of paint, is easy to apply, wash out well and also holds its shape. I love switching from paper envelopes to waterproof plastic … I don’t like the aluminum ferrule, however. The price is great at £ 15 a box, a solid 7/10.

the best brushes in the world, ProDec Ice Fusion

And they are the 5 best emulsion brushes in the world as I see them. I hope you found it useful

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