The best exterior satinwood and eggshell

The Best Exterior Satinwood and Egg Shell – Review and Guide

Posted by Mike Gregory

I have been a decorator for almost 19 years, 10 of which as a self-employed. I’m also a bit of a product freak and choose a range of products from different brands. Thought I’d put pen on paper and explain a little what I think are the best satinwood and eggshell outdoor products on the UK market. I will be doing both eggshell and satinwood on a blog as I consider them to be similar products (eggshell has a gloss level of around 10% while satinwood is closer to 40%). I hope you find this useful.

Sandtex Trade eggshell X-Tra

This is an amazing product and probably the best eggshell finish for any outdoor wood or metalwork. Touch dry in approx. 2 – 4 hours and recoat after 16 hours. This product is available in white, black, or one of 2,500 tinted colors. You can buy it online or at any Crown Decorating Center. It is important to use the Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer when coating bare wood or metalwork.

Sandtex Trade Eggshell X-Tra is a premium product at a premium price that is worth every penny. The coverage is fantastic, the ease of use is brilliant, and the finish is rich and luxurious. Brush marks just seem to melt away. The best thing about this product is its durability. You need to apply two full coats of eggshell to allow sufficient flexibility and to withstand the movement of wood caused by our ever-changing climate. However, if you do, your paintwork will last for many years.

10/10 for me. This is the best outer eggshell out there in my opinion.

Dulux Ultimate Opaque

This is a self-priming solvent-based paint from Dulux Trade. Available online or in any DDC, you can buy this product in white, black and many shades from Dulux’s extensive range. I would say the gloss level puts it in the eggshell holder.

This is another great product that I especially like in colors. The coverage is fantastic in any tint, as is the ease of use. The overall finish is nice too. Dulux Trade Opaque is probably my second most popular outdoor eggshell product. You can buy it online or at any Dulux decoration center.


Johnstones Stormshield Satin

The first satin wood on my list of the best products is Johnstone’s Stormshield. Again, this is an oil-based product that comes in white, black, or about a million other colors. I love this product for the coverage of the Stormshield primer. You can paint any dark color white by applying a coat of primer followed by a top coat that is really unknown. The downside to this product is the brush marks. No problems using it on bezels, but not as good on lower windows and doors.


Sikkens Satura

This is a standout oil-based satin wood for outdoor use, and I have to say that it offers a better finish than anything else out there. Sikkens Satura is only available in white, gray and black. The gloss is a bit high on a product of this type, but the finish is amazing !! It goes on so easily, the opacity is just right. This has to be my favorite satin product as the finish is beautiful !! Visit the nearest Dulux decoration center or look online.

Zinsser Allcoat Satin

Zinsser Allcoat Satin is the first water-based product on the list. It’s available online and from many retailers in white, black, or any tinted color. The finish is good, as is the longevity. You can see brush marks if you are not careful while applying. However, with a little care, you can achieve a nice flat finish. The superpower of Zinsser Allcoat is its versatility !! You can paint masonry, siding, wood, metalwork, or even PVC. This satin wood is self-priming and the adhesion properties are excellent. You can recoat after an hour which is another bonus. However, it takes about a week for it to fully cure and become permanent.

Water-based opaque

Water-based opaque or “barn paint” are products that I don’t trust very much simply because the longevity of many of these products doesn’t compare to the longevity of their oil-based counterparts. Even so, there are some products that I believe in. The first is Bedec which is very easy to use, has a great finish and will last for years.

The other product worth talking about is Tikkurila’s Valtti Opaque. This is a fantastic product that I put in the eggshell holder because of its low gloss. Very easy to apply, good adhesion, nice finish and lasts for years. I’d say this is probably the best opaque paint out there if I’m honest. Oh, it’s available in white, black, or a range of colors directly from Tikkurila online.

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