The beauty and wellness app to help you find a ‘hidden’ beautician in Lincoln

A Lincoln entrepreneur couple launched a new app in town to find “hidden talent” in the beauty and wellness industry.

Eyitayo Oyebanji and his wife Anastasia founded gratiFLY 2019 to offer a platform to people with part-time jobs who do not have salons and who want to be presented in the community.

Eyitayo, a pharmacist and lecturer at the University of Lincoln School of Pharmacy, came up with the idea as one of the few men in his community pharmacy.

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He said, “I sometimes hear the same conversation several times a day about where women do things like hair, nails, and wax.

“I realized that a lot of people have hidden talents and offer these services.

“I don’t like to call them ‘side business’, I prefer to call them hidden talents because they are very talented, they do a brilliant job, but not all of them work in salons.

“You find that people offering these businesses are available, but their small circle of friends doesn’t need to do anything, but there are other people who want these services and don’t know where to find them.”

In Lincolnshire, Eyitayo says the number of people doing part time jobs in the beauty industry is “amazing” and they want to be on the front lines to give them a place where people can be empowered.

gratiFLY will take a lot of worries away from small businesses looking to take the next step.

Anastasia Oyebanji

Anastasia, co-founder of gratiFLY, said: “When it comes to hidden talent, there is so much skepticism, fear, the cost of running a building, the business knowledge, but we immediately take that burden off of them and say, you know what, do it with the app and we’ll do the rest for you.

“We say to people: ‘Come and sharpen your skills because you have them’, everyone is gifted with something, you don’t always know what it is until you experiment.”

The app will also provide a place for the new generation of talent coming from education.

Eyitayo said, “We have a lot of people who go to college and study beauty and hairdressing, and they are young and inexperienced and they don’t have a career in it, so a lot of people attract other jobs.

“I have a lot of examples like this in the public pharmacy, so one of our strategies is to work with colleges so that people can present themselves that way.”

gratiFLY enables app users to view photo galleries so that they can choose which service suits them best, because “Beauty means expressing yourself and finding what suits you.”

Additional features include a two-way rating system and a special location tool.

Eyitayo said, “We sold our dream to Lincolnshire County Council and we have received £ 10,000 in support of the business and we as a company want to give this back directly to the community.

“As long as we at gratiFLY are used up until this scholarship is exhausted, we would like to give our service users a discount – so basically the app is not only free, but they can also receive a 20% discount on their next three beauty experiences.”

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