Take Control and Upgrade to Gira Home Station 7

Home security is a core requirement with the latest door communications technology playing a vital role in keeping all households safe whether you live in a city apartment or a detached house in the country.

The new surface-mounted Gira Home Station 7 takes security to the next level as it can be easily mounted on walls or a stand so that you can view the display from a distance.

Meeting the demand for minimalist, urban-inspired design, it has a powerful 7 inch thin film transistor touch display which shows videos and still images from the exterior in high-resolution and rich contrast, capturing every detail from exterior cameras whenever there’s a caller. It is available in two modern colours with a matching glass surface – pure white glossy with white glass and black matt with black glass – to blend into any living area or work place.

Mark Booth, Managing Director, Gira UK says, “We are very proud to have a culture of innovation so that we keep developing our products as lifestyle requirements evolve. As accessibility tech comes into its own, we have made the surface-mounted Gira Home Station 7 even more intuitive so that end users can enable tactile feedback during full-touch operation, in a similar way to the vibrating, haptic technology of today’s smartphones – which helps people living with sight loss or hearing loss to navigate the device. In addition to this, the unit also has a high speech quality speakerphone function to aid clear communication with visitors and couriers outside the property.”

Measuring just H123mm x W181mm x D21mm, the surface mounted Gira Home Station 7’s monitor offers a large screen, which delivers excellent image quality – even when visitors are standing to one side and it is designed to be ergonomic and very easy to use. It offers the following special functions:

Automatic Switch-on

The display comes on automatically as soon as someone rings the doorbell so you can see who is calling. Or you can use hotkeys on the device to switch the display on or off.

The device can be easily controlled via an intuitive touchscreen menu on the display screen so  you can simply tap the ‘answer door’ button to activate the microphone to speak to your visitor then press ‘open door’ to let them in.

High Functionality

Set up your favourite functions for quick and efficient operation from the start screen and enjoy an extra layer of control with the handy‚ one-touch buttons under the screen, so you can switch on lights or open the door even when the display is switched off.

The device can also indicate missed visitors, ringtone deactivation or system status. Up to 200 recordings of camera footage can be stored in the device’s memory so you can always see who visited when you’re out and you can even make calls inside your house to another station upstairs to let the family know when to gather. In addition, there is tactile, vibrating feedback and a high-quality speakerphone.

Ease of Installation

Suitable for new builds and retrofits in tandem with the Gira DCS 2-wire bus system.

The device is simple to install, via a mounting plate which has a connecting cable so it can be fixed to walls giving a profile height of just 24mm, or attached to furniture in reception areas or a desk, if required.

Up to 28 Gira surface-mounted video home station 7 devices can be supplied from the DCS bus in an apartment building, without an additional power supply to each home station being required.

Flexibility as standard

Electricians can decide which functions are enabled for users.

For example, in a rental property the device can be programmed so that changes to the settings can only be made by the landlord using a PIN. It can be commissioned via a push-button start-up function, or the Gira Project Assistant.

SD cards can be used to export recorded images, import additional ringtones or to back up the settings so they don’t have to be re-programmed if the device is replaced. The electrician’s contact details can also be stored on the device as a digital business card, for extra peace of mind.

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