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Purdy starts new bucket

Purdy, a professional paint tool maker, has launched its Purdy Pail, a one liter can of paint designed for convenience and efficiency. With various handle options, a brush magnet and a mini roller ramp, the Purdy Pail is an ideal addition to a decorator’s tool set.

The new Purdy Pail was ergonomically designed for professionals. To reduce hand fatigue, the bucket has a multiple handle option, including an adjustable coffee cup style handle for pouring and holding, and a flexible bow handle for general portability. This flexible hanger is made to fit securely on a ladder hook for hanging, leaving both hands free to work safely.

The bucket was designed with a mini side roll shelf that fits up to 4.5 ” mini roll sleeves and an inner ledge to keep rolls out of the paint and prevent them from becoming saturated. The mini roller grid cast into the bucket ensures that excess paint is removed and that the same product intake is distributed everywhere for flawless use.

For those who need brushes to cut in and add detail, the bucket has a built-in brush magnet suitable for brushes up to 3 inches wide. Decorators can now keep their favorite brushes by the side of the bucket to keep them from falling in the paint and help them work faster, cleaner, and more efficiently.

To cut time on site, the Purdy Pail is available with buckets that come in packs of 3 that keep the bucket’s roll-off grid pattern and allow for quick color changes and cleanups after the job is done.

Andrew Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy, said, “As we develop new products, we consider our customer feedback to ensure we provide professional decorators with quality products that support a professional finish.

“With our new Purdy Pail, we have launched a practical paint bucket with ergonomic handling that makes maneuvering and decorating incredibly easy and at the same time minimizes clutter and safety concerns.”

For more information on Purdy Pail and a dealer near you, please visit www.purdy.co.uk/purdy-pail.

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