“Prolific and busy” cocaine dealer jailed after nightclub arrest

A “productive and busy” cocaine dealer has been brought to justice after drugs were found when he was arrested after attacking a nightclub, Lincoln Crown Court said today (Friday).

Matthew Thompson was carrying two packs of cocaine when he was searched at Krystals Nightclub on Park Street in Lincoln following the October 7, 2019 incident.

Prosecutor Joey Kwong said police told Thompson that his Navenby home would be searched and he admitted that drugs were found in the trunk of his car.

35.5 grams of cocaine with a street value of £ 2,800 were found in the vehicle.

The police also found drug trafficking paraphernalia and three notepads with lists of traders.

Mr. Kwong said, “His cell phone was interrogated and there was news over a period of three weeks showing that he was concerned about the cocaine supply.

“Over 3,500 text messages related to drug trafficking. An alert was sent to 43 contacts that it is open for business.

“There was a message from a father telling the defendant not to sell drugs to his adult daughter who was struggling with drug addiction.

“The defendant was a productive and very busy supplier.”

The court was told that he had been treated at an earlier hearing for a battery misconduct in the nightclub due to the original incident.

Thompson, 42, of Doncaster Gardens, Navenby, admitted supplying cocaine, supplying cocaine with intent, possession of criminal property, and possession of quantities of cannabis and cocaine for personal use. He was imprisoned for 30 months.

Judge Simon Hirst said to him when the verdict was pronounced: “You have made a lot of money with it. It was a very important company. They have been a productive source of medicines for a large number of customers. “

Vaneeta Sharma said, to put it mildly, that he has tried to turn his life around and give up drugs since Thompson’s arrest.

She told the court that Thompson had suffered from mental health problems for a number of years and had had traumatic experiences throughout his life.

“He was glad he was arrested. 2019 was a wake up call for him and he has tried to change his life since then. He has taken steps to free himself from a very dark place. “

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