Progress on ‘ambitious’ expansion of county schools, with £86 million investment

Lincolnshire Council is promoting a multi-million pound development project to upgrade and expand schools across the county.

The Council is making progress on a number of development projects to modernize and expand schools across Lincolnshire to keep pace with population growth, including a number of schools with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

SEND schools in the county will benefit from a total of £ 86 million in funding to create additional places and upgrade existing educational facilities, with a number of projects already completed and others in the pipeline.

The investment aims to improve the overall delivery of educational facilities in the county in line with local population growth and to reduce the time and distance it takes parents of SEND students to get to school.

Cllr. Ms. Patricia Bradwell, OBE, Executive Director, Children’s Services, Lincolnshire County Council said: “The council wants to ensure that all children have access to quality education as close to their families and local communities as possible. To achieve this, we will invest £ 86 million in improving our special schools over the next few years.

“Despite the pandemic, we are making excellent progress. Our ambitious program will result in more students attending a local school with SEND instead of having to travel long distances to study, which is of great benefit to both the children and their families. “

Various ongoing projects include an ambitious plan to expand Spalding Academy, operated by the South Lincolnshire Academy Trust, to keep pace with the increase in local population due to the recent housing developments.

This project is subject to approval and the go-ahead from the South Lincolnshire Academy Trust.

Work has already been carried out at Garth School in Spalding and Ambergate Sports College in Grantham, and similar projects in Boston, Louth, Spilsby and Bourne are expected to begin shortly.

The council has also applied for planning permission to make a number of improvements and expand the existing facilities at St. Christopher’s School in Lincoln and The Priory School in Spalding.

This includes the construction of a new school, the Boston Endeavor Academy, due to open this September. The academy will host 140 students, with dedicated facilities for teaching science, technology, ICT and the arts.

In Louth, the local council is investing funds to expand the facilities at St. Bernard’s School, including adding a new classroom block and upgrading existing buildings to provide ‘all needs’ to SEND students.

The Eresby School in Spilsby will also benefit from a new classroom block and a number of new facilities geared towards the needs of SEND students, including rebound therapy and hygiene suites, relaxation rooms, physiotherapy rooms and a specialized IT suite.

Similar projects are also underway or planned for Willoughby School in Bourne, Ambergate Sports College in Grantham and Priory School in Spalding.

And pending approval of an application submitted to the county planning committee, a major project to expand the offering at St. Christopher’s Secondary School in Lincoln by building an elementary school with space for 130 students on the site of the former Priory Witham Academy Junior School.

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