Polish war memorial desecrated in senseless spray paint attack

A plaque commemorating the war heroes of Grimsby has been defaced and splattered with spray paint.

Each of the faces was gruesomely obliterated as if shot with a paintball gun.

Most of the text about their ministry is now illegible, with red paint and graffiti.

The memorial in Weelsby Woods commemorates the Capathian Lancers, a Polish regiment that camped in Grimsby after being unable to return to their homeland after World War II.

A resident who uses the forest described the sabotage of the monument as “very, very sad”.

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The faces of the prominent soldiers who served in it are obliterated

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It was established in 2011 by the Anglo-Polish Society and has the motto “For Your Freedom and Ours” in Polish and English.

Although it is not known whether the vandalism was racially motivated, the memorial stands as a symbol of the friendship between Grimsby and Poland.

North East Lincolnshire Council, Humberston Sea Lions, Cleethorpes RAF Association and other groups supported the construction of the monument.

Troop veterans and their relatives attended the moving ceremony when it was unveiled.

A memorial to Polish soldiers who camped in Weelsby Woods after World War II was destroyed

The monument pays tribute to the connection between Grimsby and Poland

Nearby is a wooden sculpture of the regiment’s mascot, a bear cub named Wojtek, with a shell on his shoulder.

The Lancers fought on the Allied side during World War II and served in North Africa and Italy.

However, they were unable to return home in the end due to the Russian occupation of their homeland and lived in a military camp in Weelsby Woods.

About 1000 of the soldiers eventually settled in Grimsby when it was disbanded in 1947, and many of their families are still here today.

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The Humberside Police Department has been contacted for more information.

If someone has information about the incident, they can forward it to the police by calling 101 or contacting Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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