Police find body of missing man near Lincoln

Two people from Lincoln and a town councilor from Spalding were named on the list of Queen’s Birthday Honors 2021.

People from across the country were honored for a variety of accomplishments, including their contribution to the COVID-19 response.

Steve Coupe and Steph Douglas from Lincoln and Councilor Angela Porter from Spalding have all been awarded an MBE.

Steve Coupe – MBE

Steve climbs to the Col de la Clauere on the French-Spanish border.

Steve Coupe, 72, who lives in Lincoln, has received an MBE for his charitable fundraising and volunteer work.

Steve served over 40 years in the Royal Air Force, including as a training flight sergeant for the Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment at RAF Waddington. Between 1994 and 2009 he also took up a post with a reserve squadron at RAF Waddington.

Steve, who was born in Essex and has lived in Lincoln since 1985, has raised over £ 80,000 for charity through numerous individual and team endurance events.

He started fundraising in Germany in the 1970s, raising money in places like Kuwait as well as across England, including Lincoln. This includes around 30 marathons, a hike in Nepal, a freedom path from France to Spain and a tandem parachute jump.

He raised funds for charities and organizations such as Cancer Research, Royal British Legion, Children’s Ward at Lincoln County Hospital, St. Barnabas, The Gurkha Welfare Trust, Children with Leukemia, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and The Ethan Maull Foundation.

Steve in Llanberis in 2013 at the end of the Snowdonia marathon, which he ran 10 times.

When asked about receiving an MBE, Steve told The Lincolnite, “It’s an honor. One person said about my nomination in 2019 and I didn’t think anything about it then and was surprised to get the email recently, I’m proud. For health reasons I won’t be celebrating yet. “

“I wanted to put my body on the line for charity and I just started and did it, but it’s also about the people who sponsored me, who also deserve the thanks.”

Steve was previously employed by MoD as Housing Officer, serving families living in Service Families Accommodation in the Lincolnshire area.

Steve (pictured with the £ sign) at Ali Al Salem Airbase Kuwait. Everyone from the squadron took part in an organized cycling relay ride for a good cause.

In his casework for the Royal British Legion, he visits veterans, assesses their needs and makes recommendations on how to improve their standard of living.

He has assisted over 100 beneficiaries, whether they are doing their leisure time, delivering furniture and paintings to veterans in poor health or facing financial difficulties. As a volunteer hiking guide for the City of Lincoln Council, he was also heavily involved in the National Health Walks program.

Steph Douglas

Steph Douglas was awarded an MBE in Education Services.

Steph Douglas, 63, born in Cleethorpes and living in Lincoln, was awarded an MBE for services to education.

Steph has dedicated her life to improving outcomes for children under five and their families. She is currently the Early Years Service Leader for Doncaster Borough Council.

She has been in education for over 40 years, starting out as a teacher at Frances Olive Anderson Primary School in Lea near Gainsborough in the 1980s. She also worked at Leasingham Primary School, All Saints Primary School in North Hykeham.

She later became assistant principal at Washingborough Primary School before serving as principal at Sturton By Stow Primary School for 10 years until 2001. She moved to Lincolnshire County Council as Head of Service for Early Years, where she stayed until 2014 before moving to Doncaster Borough Council.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Steph has shown great leadership and support to the early childhood sector and colleagues to ensure that critical services remain open to support children of key workers and vulnerable children.

Steph told The Lincolnite that she felt overwhelmed with emotion after hearing about her award.

She said, “I didn’t know about this until the Cabinet Office emailed me. I am quite overwhelmed by this and am happy about the nomination.

“The work I did in the early years has been my passion since teaching and it’s nice to be recognized for this work.

“It is my passion to do something good for young children. I think the sooner you support families in need, the more successful children become as they grow up. It’s a wonderful job and working with young children is the most rewarding thing in the world. “

Steph is also part of the advocacy group for South Yorkshire Futures, a regional partnership led by Sheffield Hallam University with a focus on improving social mobility for all children and young people in the area. She also played a key role in securing funding for the Early Years Outcome Project, which focused on improving language and language pathways and outcomes.

Angela Porter

Angela campaigned for the Spalding Western Relief Road to be rerouted and saved several houses from demolition.

Angela Porter, 75, is from Spalding and received an MBE for her volunteer service in Lincolnshire. She uses her maiden name Newton in her professional capacity as a councilor for Lincolnshire County Council and South Holland District Council.

Angela is the head of the independent group in the South Holland County Council. She has been a member of the council for 48 years, representing the Monkshouse division and serving as its chair for two years. She previously ran a real estate agency called AP Sales together with her husband, Alan, who she has been with for over 30 years and married in 2014.

She represented Spalding West Ward for Lincolnshire County Council between 1981 and 1993 and ran again in 2013 when she was re-elected.

Her voluntary work has now been recognized by the Queen with a prestigious honor. Angela is the chairperson of the South Holland Municipality’s Voluntary Car Service, which offers transportation to hospitals, doctors’ offices, dentists, etc. Their team of 60 people has helped over 10,600 passengers each year who travel 185,000 miles.

Angela is Chair of the Voluntary Car Service of the South Holland Municipality.

As chair of the Johnson Hospital League of Friends, Angela led the funding of a new hospital for the district that opened in 2010 and is now president of the Johnson Hospital League of Friends, an organization that organizes events for local residents.

She helps Spalding in Bloom and leads a team of volunteers each year to persuade downtown shops to hang baskets of plants and organize clean grot spots in the community to collect boy scouts, kittens and brownies.

Angela Porter with her husband Alan on their wedding day in May 2014.

When asked about receiving an MBE, Angela told The Lincolnite, “I am absolutely thrilled, excited and honored.

“I ran a campaign and made various suggestions to Martin Hill (Lincolnshire County Council Leader) and the Audit Committee that resulted in the auxiliary road being rerouted and several houses being demolished. Award and I thought nothing of it.

“I got a call (from the cabinet office) in May and it surprised me. I am very proud and have been a district councilor since 1973 and at that time the only elected person still on the local council.

“I enjoy helping people and the challenges we often face, and I want to continue on both boards.”

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