Pictures show empty shelves at Sainsbury’s in Grantham as ‘pingdemic’ disruption grows

Empty shelves were seen by shoppers at Sainsbury’s in Grantham yesterday as people across the country notice the problem growing.

Pictures from Wednesday July 21 show many shelves in the freezer section of the Grantham store.

As Mirror Online reports, shoppers across the country are starting to complain about empty shelves – with retailers struggling with the shortage of truck drivers and the severe staff shortage caused by the “pingdemic”.

When Lincolnshire Live contacted Sainsbury’s to ask why empty shelves were seen in Grantham yesterday, a spokeswoman was unable to make a direct statement but said, “While we may not always have the exact product a customer is looking for, we are delivering more Products in the branches every day and we are confident that customers will find a suitable alternative. “

However, Lincolnshire Live was then contacted by the British Retail Consortium who were told that we were covering the story and – although it is not clear whether this is the direct cause of yesterday’s empty shelves – the group sent us a statement in who criticized the government for themselves -Isolation rules.

Image shows empty shelves in Sainsbury’s freezer section in Grantham

Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: “The ongoing ‘pingdemie’ is putting increasing pressure on the ability of retailers to meet their opening hours and keep shelves in stock. The government must act quickly.

“Retail workers and suppliers who have played an important role during this pandemic should be allowed to work, provided they are double-vaccinated or have a negative Covid test, to ensure that the public’s ability to obtain food and other goods is not compromised becomes .

“As cases soar in communities, the number of healthy retail workers who need to self-isolate is growing rapidly, disrupting retail operations.”

It comes after Lincolnshire Live reported through the county Chamber of Commerce last week that businesses in the area have been “frustrated” by the effects of “pingdemic”.

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