Parents start booking parties as next step of the roadmap edges nearer

Parents have started booking parties as the UK prepares to move on to the next step on the roadmap.

If everything goes according to plan, the play centers will be allowed to reopen their doors in the next 14 days.

At Louth’s Play Factory on Bolingbroke Road, owner Matthew Robbens is looking for information on Tuesday, May 18, when his customers can return, reports Grimsby Live.

He said families have already started booking parties for their children.

“I am desperate to open up and we were very interested. From then on we let people book parties, ”he said.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30 people, but is permitted according to the latest guidelines.

The owner contemplated the struggle of his business, which ended last March.

The Play Factory opened at the end of September, but closed again in November.

Mr Robbens says it was incredibly difficult to stay afloat

“We have only been open for eight weeks since March last year. It was really difficult because rents and bills still have to be paid, “he said.

“There were a few grants but because this is a limited company and I only survived on savings and a loan,” he added.

The Play Factory has a fog machine and the play equipment is cleaned regularly. There are screens and signs in the popular premises.

“It was tough for kids. They want to hunt around and for those in smaller houses the winter time must have been really difficult, ”said Matthew.

He opened the fun venue in 2014.

“People enjoy it because it’s warm, friendly, relaxed and safe. There is refreshment and you can see the children at any point, ”he said.

Bookings can be made on 01507 607077.

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