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To celebrate the month of Pride in June, 108 bollards on Covent Garden’s Floral Street have been painted in a vibrant colorful scheme.

The job was completed in just a week by decorators Cronin & Millward of Gillingham, Kent.

The specification called for a quick-drying, water-based paint. This is why Bradite chose One Can Matt. It dries quickly and is dry to the touch in 30 minutes, so it can be painted over in just an hour.

One Can is available in both eggshell and matt versions and can be tinted in all BS, RAL and NCS colors.

Cronin & Millward Company Director Paul Cronin stated that the location required additional logistical planning as Floral Street is quite narrow and the stage gate of the Royal Opera House is next to several popular shops and residences. He commented, “This was a challenge to work safely in public and with a deadline of June 1st. It was a big job, but thanks to the help of our team, we made it in the end. “

Paul said Bradite’s One Can “went very well” and will now have an attempt to repaint the bollards when the time comes in about six months.

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