Owners distraught after cat shot dead with a rifle in Lincolnshire

A man who admitted to having carried out a violent attack on a person lying on Spalding Street was sentenced on Wednesday to eight and a half years in prison.

Aldis Blumbergs was sentenced to four years of extended license when he was released from prison when he also had to be deported to his native Latvia.

Lincoln Crown Court heard police and paramedics were called to Cedar Court on the morning of February 5 last year after a homeowner found a seriously injured man on the ground.

The identity of the victim was initially unknown to the police for two weeks, but later became known as Uldis Krasoviskis.

Andrew Peat, prosecutor said, “He was badly injured. His face, head, and clothing were covered in blood, and his face was badly swollen. “

Video evidence showed that Mr Krasoviskis was dumped in an alley about 50 meters from where he was discovered.

Mr Peat told the court that a trail of blood from the alley led police to the nearby home of Aldis Blumbergs on Alexander Road.

When police arrived at the property, 44-year-old Blumbergs raised his hands in apparent anticipation of being handcuffed, added Mr Peat.

Witnesses related the attack, which occurred after both men had drunk heavily at a meeting at Blumberg’s house earlier that night.

The Blumbergs wanted to go to bed around 10 p.m., but he became unhappy and jealous that his wife wouldn’t do the same and got into a confrontation with Mr. Krasoviskis.

Prosecutors accepted that the Blumbergs could have struck the first blow on the false assumption that he would be attacked by Mr. Krasoviskis.

But Mr Peat said what followed was an ongoing attack with a bottle.

“He hit Mr. Krasoviskis on the head several times with the bottle that was not shattered.”

Mr Peat said the Blumbergs left the room after the bottle was taken away from his daughter but then returned and continued beating his victim.

After the attack, the Blumbergs ordered his son to carry Mr. Krasoviskis outside.

CCTV evidence suggested it happened a short distance away at Cedar Court about three hours before it was discovered.

The victim was rushed to Peterborough Hospital and taken to the intensive care unit, where he stayed for three weeks.

He was found to have had injuries including a broken jaw and a mildly traumatic brain injury.

But Mr Peat said prosecutors accepted that Mr Krasoviskis also had a pre-existing illness that made it difficult to assess the long-term effects of the attack.

Mr. Peat added, “In simple terms, he has been very sick for a long time and is staying in a local nursing home.”

John McNally mitigated the court by saying that Blumbergs regretted his actions, but that there was no evidence that the injuries he caused led to his victim’s later deterioration and a stroke.

The Blumbergs of Alexander Road in Spalding pleaded guilty to causing serious bodily harm on February 5 last year.

The recorder Charles Falk said everyone had drunk way too much.

“Your own daughter describes how you hold the bottle, swing it and repeatedly hit Mr. Krasoviskis on the head,” the recorder told Blumbergs.

The recorder added that Mr. Krasoviskis was almost unrecognizable when he was found by a member of the public and could only mumble the word “help”.

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