Office for National Statistics show drop in violent crime in Lincolnshire

Violent crime and public order violations fell more sharply in Lincolnshire than the national average, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Figures for the 12 month period ending March 2021 showed that overall crime in Lincolnshire has decreased by 18 percent. The national trend was a decrease of 13 percent compared to the 12 months before.

This makes Lincolnshire the 16th safest county in England and Wales.

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The data also showed positive changes in the county in several other areas:

  • Violence against the person, a 12 percent decrease versus a zero percent decrease nationally
  • Violence without injury, 31 percent decrease versus 7 percent decrease nationally
  • Sexual offenses, 23 percent decrease versus nine percent decrease nationally
  • Public order offenses, 12 percent decrease versus 5 percent increase domestically

Deputy Police Chief Jason Harwin said, “These are encouraging numbers showing declines in violent crime and sexual offenses, with crime all falling faster than the national average.

“We have strong teams who work hard to prosecute criminals and prevent them from causing further harm to communities across the county, and it remains our goal to ensure that Lincolnshire is the safest place in the country to live, work and live Visit is.

“The numbers cover a period when various Covid restrictions and bans have been recorded and these will have had an impact on the crime rate.

“In agreement with many emergency services, we have seen an increase in the number of incidents reported and have prepared ourselves extensively for a busy summer.

“While the restrictions have been lifted, I urge everyone to use common sense and caution to ensure we all enjoy a truly safe summer.

“We know there will be more cars on our streets and more venues will be open, so please be responsible now that we are no longer locked.”

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