New VIP group launched by Tillett’s helping women over 40 through lockdown

Grimsby fashion retailer Tilletts worked hard during the lockdown to motivate women and build their trust in their new Facebook group, Tilletts VIP.

The group currently has nearly 14,000 members, adding around 50 people every week. The group uses live chats, videos and photos to give women over 40 the confidence to try different fashions and make new friends during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Grimsby retailer was founded in 2006 by a mother-daughter team made up of Melanie Tillett, Grace Tillett Austwick and Nancy Tillett. The company started out in a store on Sea View Street in Cleethorpes and is now receiving orders from around the world.

Following the group’s success, more than 200 women have written tilletts thanking them for their help with the lockdown and for their support to women in general. Managing Director Melanie Tillett says the group is great for building customer loyalty.

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“The VIP group gives customers a VIP experience to keep themselves busy with posts, peek at upcoming lines, get exclusive offers and is a safe place to share shopping selfies.

“By using Facebook and Instagram lives to connect with your customers by sharing previews of your products, we can continue to provide great customer service to our customers.

“By engaging with our consumers online, we have also been able to get direct feedback and understand which items are of interest.”

Members of the group recently got in touch and expressed their joy and gratitude for the group. A number of women in the group are key workers and have said it is helpful to keep their spirits during these stressful times.

Tillett’s new Facebook group has nearly 14,000 members. From left are director Melanie Tillett, Grace Tillett Austwick and Nancy Tillett

The site has also had a positive impact on the mental health of many people.

Elaine Frame works as a nurse and says the group helped her fight the virus in hospitals. “Playing a key role for the NHS during the pandemic was difficult, but the VIP group helped me lift my spirits and instilled new friendships and compassion from other lovely, like-minded women.

“Joining the group helped when I was sad after a long shift and gave me the confidence to change my style outside of work as I feel like I have friends to compare notes with about new clothing ideas can. “

Other key contributors, such as teacher Nicola Gordon, explain, “Since joining the VIP group, I’ve grown more confident as I’ve tried new colors and clothing styles that have encouraged me to change my wardrobe.

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“I find it incredibly helpful to see how other customers’ outfits look and how this positive and supportive community has enabled me to invest in myself.

“The pandemic has left people feeling more isolated and fed up with so much pressure on teachers. However, the women in this group find ways to motivate each other and come day in and day out. “

For those who are retired, however, it was a way to stay motivated during the lockdown. Sandy Rowson, 60, said, “The VIP group empowers women and makes us feel supported and confident.

“Seeing women of all shapes and sizes wearing Tillett’s clothes is amazing and gives me more confidence in my shopping and rearranging my styles.

Melanie Tillett from Tilletts Clothing in her Cleethorpes boutique

Melanie Tillett from Tilletts Clothing in her Cleethorpes boutique

“I’ve missed friends and family so much, but the Tilletts VIP group really helped me. Life and cooking classes were great and kept me motivated.

“I love being part of the VIP group because it makes me so happy to see women who support women. Plus, I can hear about offers and new lines before they are posted.”

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