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GORI, a new line of high quality wood care products, is now available to professional painters and decorators across the UK and Ireland.

The Scandinavian GORI is part of the PPG coating portfolio and, in addition to Johnstone’s Trade, Leyland Trade and others, offers up to 15 years of protection for wooden exterior surfaces. A wide range of color options are available.

Although the range is new in the UK and Ireland, GORI has been made in Scandinavia for more than 100 years.

The new range includes six products with advantages such as prevention of graying from UV rays, microporosity so that the wood can “breathe” without cracks, prevention of swelling and technology to protect against slow release. Emma Meeres, Marketing Manager at PPG, said: “These technologies ensure that wood remains healthy for a much longer period of time by providing optimal protection against mold and fungus and ensuring that the active ingredients that protect a surface are only used in Needs to be released. For example, when the climate is dry, the active ingredient remains in the product and only protects the surface when the weather requires it. “

The available GORI products are:

  • GORI 99 Extreme Wood Finish – Penetrates deep into the wood for up to 15 years to protect against mold and fungal growth. Water-repellent, UV-resistant and extremely opaque.
  • GORI 88 Compact wood finish – Opaque wood protection for use on windows, doors and cladding; water-repellent and weather-repellent with slow release technology and a service life of up to eight years.
  • GORI 88 compact wood stain – Semi-transparent wood protection for windows, doors and cladding, resistant to UV rays, fungi and mold with slow release technology and a service life of up to eight years.
  • GORI 44+ quick-drying wood stain – Semi-transparent wood protection that also protects against UV rays, fungi and mold with a service life of up to four years.
  • GORI 11 wood preservatives – Water-based wood coating that provides protection as a primer for all wooden surfaces.
  • GORI 05 Express Decking Oil – Prevents cracking, drying out and decay and protects against mold and fungus; Suitable only one hour after application.

GORI is available from the Johnstone Decorating Center and major retailers in the UK and Ireland.

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