Mum-of-three reaches speeds of 90mph after leading police on 10-mile chase

A mother of three was driving 90 miles per hour out of Boston on the A16 when she tried to escape police in pursuit.

Lauren Craig-Tyler, 34, drove through a red light and no vehicles area, forcing other drivers to take evasive action.

She ignored police orders to stop on her journey, which began in downtown Boston and ended 10 miles away in the quad ring.

Lincoln Crown Court heard that she originally set out from her home near Stamford while escaping domestic violence.

Prosecutor Thomas Welshman said Craig-Tyler first attracted attention when a police check revealed that she was driving an uninsured car on Bridge Street in Boston.

Craig-Tyler stopped at a red light at an intersection with John Adams Way, and an officer in a police car below got out and knocked on her window to get their attention.

But Craig-Tyler drove off and went through a no-vehicle area on Wide Bargate that ended on South Street before pulling through a red light onto John Adams Way.

Mr Welshman said she was traveling at 40 mph within a limit of 30 and drove through another red light to Boston Docks, where she turned and walked back to John Adams Way.

Police pursuit continued on Spalding Road, with Craig-Tyler traveling at 90 mph on the A16 towards Spalding.

At the roundabout in Sutterton, a truck braked to avoid a collision.

The chase continued on the A17 and A52 before the police activated a stinger device on the Quadring.

Craig-Tyler pulled off the main road onto a stretch of 200 yards before stopping.

She got out of her car and was arrested nearby.

Mr Welshman said, “It’s been a long stretch of bad driving with willful disregard for the safety of others.”

When interviewed, Craig-Tyler admitted driving without insurance and not stopping.

She told officials that she had escaped domestic violence and was “not in a good place”.

Craig-Tyler, 34, of Stamford Road in Pilsgate near Stamford admitted he was suffering from dangerous driving, no insurance, no-stopping when needed, and possession of a small amount of cannabis as a result of the November 29 incident last year was charged.

Neil Sands mitigated that Craig-Tyler had no previous convictions and since then the incident has become a law-abiding person again.

He said, “She drove to escape domestic violence. These are the actions of a panicked and worried woman. She could not go home because she tried to escape.”

Craig-Tyler was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months with 25 days of mandatory rehabilitation.

She was banned from driving for 18 months and had to pass a lengthy retest before she could legally drive again.

Recorder Paul Mann QC said the circumstances of the case meant he could sit out on jail time.

He said to her, “They only took to the streets to escape domestic violence.

“You panicked. No matter what, I am ready to suspend the sentence.”

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