McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Subway big rule changes from May 17

Starting tomorrow, customers will finally be able to go to fast food restaurants again.

Most of our favorite chains were open to take away, but May 17th will be the first time customers can sit inside and enjoy their food.

However, almost all restaurants have introduced new rules that customers and employees must follow inside. McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, and others have set their new policies to keep people safe.

This includes social distancing measures and the wearing of masks that customers should know before sitting inside, reports Birmingham Live.

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MC Donalds

The fast food giant has announced that all of its restaurants will only reopen with table service. Some restaurants also have limited seating to allow for social distancing.

Customers are “strongly encouraged” to order their food and drinks via the My McDonald’s app whenever possible. This means that customers can order from their table and have their food brought to them.

All customers are also asked to wear face covering when entering the restaurant, unless otherwise exempted.

With the reopening plans, McDonald’s said it will now turn its attention to restoring the full menu and extending hours of operation in the coming months.

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Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland, said, “We are very excited to be reopening our dining areas.

“Monday is another big step forward for both England and Wales. We will be delighted when our customers dine and enjoy their meals with us. We know they have been eagerly awaiting their return.

“When the country opens completely again, so will we.

“We haven’t had any people in the restaurant for several months. While we know our restaurant teams are incredibly excited to welcome customers back to our dining areas, we also want to give them time to adjust to the improved security measures and procedures in place that are helping to protect our customers and our employees .

“As we take this next step on the road to recovery, we know our restaurants and the communities they serve will continue to look out for each other. We are working closely with the government and are moving in the right direction – us I know we have a long way to go and we must make every effort to protect one another.

“We appreciate that the actions that are being taken can make the McDonald’s experience a little different than normal, and we are again asking our customers to carry this with us.

“The patience and support from our customers has been fantastic as we have overcome various challenges over the past year and we all really appreciate that.”


KFC will be opening most of its indoor dining areas on May 17th. In addition, strict rules and procedures will be put in place for employees and customers in the store. They include:

These consist of:

  • Plexiglass screens at the counters protect customers and employees.
  • Staff may also wear gloves and face masks if necessary.
  • Employees have access to “non-medical face masks and gloves”.
  • There are two meter guidelines on the floors of the restaurants where you can go to order food.
  • In some restaurants, the number of people who can access at the same time is limited.
  • The menu can also be restricted to keep kitchen teams small and to ensure that food is cooked safely.
  • Customers should pay contactless if they can.
  • Deliveries or through orders are made contactless.
  • Delivery drivers and customers are kept separate in restaurants.
  • The opening times of the restaurant have also been reduced in order to employ as few employees as possible.

Burger King

As in other restaurants, the majority of the restaurants in Burger King are open to indoor use. But there will also be strict rules and procedures that customers and employees should follow. They include:

Wash your hands

Employees will disinfect their hands every 30 minutes.


Burger King will deliver and enable contactless delivery where possible.

Illness and Exclusion Policy

Burger King says it will also check staff temperatures and conditions before each shift.


The subway will be open for a while, but the restaurant will open much of its indoor dining areas on May 17th. The subway will implement a number of rules that employees and customers should follow.

You are:

  • Restaurant workers wear masks
  • Markings on the floors of our restaurants to provide further social distancing guidelines
  • Restricting and distancing seating in the restaurant as much as possible to ensure adequate social distancing
  • Placing partitions between employees and guests at participating locations
  • Keep all of the ingredients covered on the sandwich line
  • Increased cleaning frequency in all restaurants
  • Provision of hand disinfection stations in many of our restaurants

A Subway spokesperson said, “Our facility and food safety teams are continually looking for innovative ways to improve measures that make all Subway restaurants a safe, healthy environment and enjoyable experience for guests. As we move forward, we reinforce and implement additional measures Create an even safer and more comfortable environment for you.

“We strive to provide the best subway experience. That means offering delicious food at great prices that you can enjoy, whether you go to eat or take out.”

“For those who choose to have dinner, seating may be limited to safe distancing procedures.”

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