Man living in woods behind Tesco threatened to ‘karate kick staff’

Richard Parker got another chance despite asking Tesco staff “if they wanted any” and threatening to kick them with karate.

Parker, 49, had been living in the woods behind Tesco in Hewitts Circus, Cleethorpes, when he met an elderly woman and tried to give her advice on money-saving plans and Tesco points.

However, the supermarket employees thought it was a theft and went out to confront him.

Prosecutor Richard Davies told Grimsby Crown Court on Friday: “He got upset and aggressive, pulled out a small screwdriver and threatened.

“He also had a 4-foot bar that he broke in front of them and a pair of broken scissors.

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“He said, ‘Do you want something?’ and made karate moves and stood in a fighting stance.

“Mr Parker said he gave the woman financial advice about Tesco cards and points. He said he was followed by staff who verbally abused him.”

Parker said the group was then joined by others who even tried to photograph him.

He appeared to have been convicted of brawls and a number of reporting violations.

Richard Parker

An order that Parker was subjected to told him to go to a police station and tell officers where he was sleeping.

However, Parker said because he lived on the street he would lose sight of the days and not know when to go to the police station.

He was most recently tried in November last year after spat on several people and tried to have sex with a metal bollard outside Grimsby’s Marks and Spencer Store.

The court heard that Parker had 43 criminal records for 128 offenses.

Recorder Bryan Cox gave Parker another chance and told him he needed to solve his drug problem.

He said, “You need to get help and start addressing your drug problem. You have a history of drug-related problems and mental health problems, as you will appreciate, but you have shown that once those problems are stabilized, you can stay out of trouble for a long time. “

Parker was made the subject of a two-year community arrangement and was told he would have to attend a 20-day rehabilitation session.

Recorder Cox said, “You need to understand that you will have to return to court regularly with regard to rehabilitation and the court will receive reports on you and monitor your progress as per the order and will continue to closely monitor your progress and if you fail to meet the requirements you will likely be put back in jail. “

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