Made 2 Measure: can I record current drawn from an old solar panel installation? | Megger

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I’m looking for an easy and inexpensive way of recording the current drawn from an old solar panel installation over time and producing a graph of the results. Do you have any suggestions?


We have a great new Megger Link App that will let you connect a whole range of Megger instruments to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. Among the instruments it works with are our DPM1000 power clamps and DCM1500S solar clamps, both of which are ideal for working on solar PV systems. Once you have the Megger Link App, which you can download free from the Google Play or Apple App stores, you can use it to monitor and record test results from up to four different instruments at the same time. The App will display the ‘live’ values being measured by the instruments and also graphs of the values over time. The graph is updated at intervals you can choose in the App settings. The App also stores the results and you can export them using the share function in the menu. This sends a csv file via email (or other messaging application) to your computer where you can open the file with a spreadsheet like Excel and create the graphs you need for use in reports or presentations.

Download the Megger Link App from Google Play by clicking here


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