Local indie band aged from just 14 appear on album mixed by Oasis producer

An indie band from Cleethorpes and New Waltham, aged between 14 and 16, entered the music scene after working with record label Rough Trade, which discovered famous bands like The Smiths and The Cure.

Revivalry consists of three members, all of whom attend the Humberston Academy. There is the drummer Lewis Hubbert (14), the singer Connie Miles (16) and the guitarist Ben Townsend (14), who founded the band in late 2019.

After the success of their appearance on the compilation album Brits and Pieces, which was released last December, they hope that their next feature on Brits and Pieces II, which will be released later this month, can have just as much success.

In addition, the band will perform at a well-known festival this summer alongside big names such as The Stereophonics, Dizzee Rascal and The Streets.

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Drummer Lewis said it was “really exciting” and the band went further than he ever thought “.

He added, “When Ben and I first started the band, we didn’t think it was really going anywhere. It’s amazing how it has taken off.

“We started by just playing a few songs and covering a few others. Then we saw Connie performing at the school winter concert and Ben asked her if she would like to join us.

“We’re really grateful that we’ve come this far, it’s better than we ever expected. We know how lucky we are, others may never have got the chances we had.”

The band’s track, ‘Shame On You’, will be track 17 of the latest Brits and Pieces compilation. The album itself has an incredible legacy with legendary music producer Nick Brine who produced one of the most famous albums of all time – Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

However, the recent pandemic has resulted in the trio having to change their routines to stay connected. Singer Connie stated, “We were originally doing video calls, but it got quite delayed so we couldn’t go on with it.

The band has gone much further than the trio could ever have imagined. From left Lewis, Ben and Connie

“In the end, we tried to write parts of the song and then put it all together in videos that we sent to each other. That also means we didn’t play, so we’re a little out of practice.

“We’ll be fine when we get going again. I’m sure if nothing else it will be great to see our fans’ faces. We built a following during the lockdown but we never actually saw some of them.” Faces. ”

Lewis added, “We’re really looking forward to making more music, although my personal dream would be to be on the main stage in Glastonbury.”

For the guitarist Ben, the upcoming concerts are the band’s chance to get back into the music scene. He said: “We are pretty confident about the Cleethorpes Live Aid concert in June and the chance to play at a festival sometime this year is very exciting.

The three members are incredibly excited to perform live again

The three members are incredibly excited to perform live again. From left Lewis, Ben and Connie

“Hopefully we can smash it, we’d like to make a name for ourselves and then play at bigger festivals.

“While it will be quite a drive away, we are all looking forward to our gig in Manchester, where we support Moonlight Parade and The Mariners. A lot of our Twitter followers will be there, so it will be.” be good to finally see some of our fans. “

Aside from the members themselves, parents are just as excited about the band’s incredible rise to fame. Lewis’ father, Billy Hubbert, said he was incredibly proud of his son.

He said, “I grew up with Britpop, but I never had any musical talent myself. I tried playing guitar a few times but never really got away with it.”

The band struggled to practice during the lockdown but are now meeting in Lewis' backyard

The band struggled to practice during the lockdown but are now meeting in Lewis’ backyard. From left, Ben, Lewis and Connie

“Then Lewis’ uncle bought him a drum kit for Christmas and he just took it from there. Some of the things they did blew me away.

“Being part of something that has a name like Rough Trade has meant more to the parents than the kids. I don’t think they really realize how great a name is because of its age. It is everything Come so quickly that it’s almost second nature to her now.

“They’re still so young so who knows if they can take this full-time. I know Connie is in her final weeks of school and planning to go to college, but they’re all obsessed with music and love it, just the time will do it. ” say.

Revivalry hopes to perform at a number of concerts this summer.  From left, Ben Townsend, Lewis Hubbert and Connie Miles

Revivalry hopes to perform at a number of concerts this summer. From left, Ben Townsend, Lewis Hubbert and Connie Miles

“Lewis would definitely love to do it full time. All he ever says is that he wants to be a drum teacher and be in a band. If they can make a living doing something they love, that would be brilliant.”

The band has also been praised by world-famous stars. For example, the co-frontman of the ’90s and early 00s indie band The Libertines, Pete Doherty, boxing legend Rickie Hatton MBE and former Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll endorsed the first album.

Not only did Revivalry recommend celebrities, it also recommended the airtime on Radio X and even looks ahead to summer with a few concerts on the horizon.

On-site, the band will be performing at Grimsby and Cleethorpes Live Aid in June to raise funds for St. Andrew’s Hospice and will hopefully lead the youth stage at Humber Street Sesh later this year.

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Additionally, they’ll be featured on Sky’s ‘In The Spotlight’ later this month to showcase themselves and get their names out there. However, Papa Billy explains that it wasn’t the easiest time for the band during the coronavirus pandemic.

He explained, “The last few songs they worked on had to be performed individually and then mixed elsewhere. Now the restrictions have lifted a little, they play together as much as possible.

“We let them practice in the back garden so they could play together again. It’s been manic for them lately, but in a good way.”

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