Lincolnshire man wins High Court case worth £1.7million against Betfred | Calendar

A Lincolnshire Man won a high court fight against a betting company for refusing to pay a £ 1.7 million jackpot that he won at an online casino.

Andrew Green, 54, said he was devastated and felt he had been “robbed” when Betfred told him that after winning in 2018 it would not pay off due to a “defect” in the game.

He brought legal action against the company in the High Court in London and on Wednesday a judge ruled in his favor.

After his win after a three-year battle with the company for the jackpot, Mr. Green said he was delighted to have won his case – meaning he will finally get his payout plus interest.

He said: “The past three years have felt like hell on earth. I think Betfred treated me miserably, but today this is not about Betfred – I’m just thrilled to have won my case at some point.

“My family and I went through some very low times and got very depressed.

“My physical health has also suffered badly, and I sometimes wish I had never won that money because it just made my life a miserable one.

“But today I feel like the world has been taken off my shoulders and I feel incredibly happy and relieved – for myself, my family and my legal team.

“The champagne can finally come off the ice and be enjoyed.”

At a hearing in October, Mr. Green’s lawyers asked Ms. Justice Foster to either rule in his favor or to remove Betfred’s defense against his claim.

Betfred’s lawyers contesting the case argued that the dispute should be resolved in a full trial.

But Justice Foster ruled in Mr Green’s favor, stating that one of the terms Betfred set out in the game, which the Company relied on in defending the claim, “was simply not appropriate to cover the circumstances of this case at all “.

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