Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway comes runner-up in prestigious awards

A diesel locomotive restoration on the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway came second in two categories at the 2021 Heritage Railway Association Awards.

The restoration took nearly 30 years and is the third year the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway has been shortlisted for an HRA Award.

The Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway was a joint winner with the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway for its reopening in 2009.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ceremony had to be held virtually in 2021.

The LCLR’s Skeggy Simplex finished second in the Coiley Locomotive Engineering Award, won by the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway for restoring the Welsh Pony, and the Diesel Locomotion Award, won by the Severn Valley Railway’s Class 50 Alliance.

Photo credit: Dave Enefer / LCLR

After a 25-year restoration by the LCLR Historic Vehicles Trust, the locomotive is now in operation in the LCLR in Skegness Water Leisure Park.

Railroad spokesman John Chappell said, “This is an exceptional achievement for such a small group of volunteers working with the basic equipment and paying much of the restoration costs themselves. Their skill and dedication have brought a little locomotive back to life that has been instrumental in making the Lincolnshire coast one of the country’s most popular vacation spots for families. It contributes to the protection of cities and villages and literally provides the motive power to build many of them in their daily work ”.

Richard Shepherd said, “It is wonderful to be recognized by these awards and to hear and see the Skeggy Simplex running again after all these years of work. It was not an easy task, but perseverance in solving problems and sourcing or manufacturing replacement parts has paid off. I don’t think it occurred to us that our efforts would one day be judged alongside some of the greatest names in Heritage Railways whose accomplishments we respect and admire over the years.

“We congratulate the winners and hope these awards encourage more people to join us and become part of our wonderful railroad in Skegness.”

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