Lincoln Imp trail organisers share big update about vandalised sculpture

A Lincoln Imp sculpture destroyed by breaking can be repaired, organizers of a popular city trail confirmed.

Lincolnshire police discovered the damaged artwork on Guildhall Street near Stone Bow in the center of Lincoln during their patrols early Wednesday morning.

The leprechaun in question was the Community Imp, sponsored by Lincolnshire Live and designed by a child of the Gonerby Hill Foot Church of England Primary School.

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The beheading broke the sculpture in two.

Now Lincoln BIG, organizers of the Lincoln Imp Trail, which is raising money for St. Barnabas Hospice, have announced that the damaged item can be reassembled.

The group wrote on Twitter: “We are happy to announce that the destroyed goblin can be repaired!”

However, Lincoln BIG added that it is looking for ideas on what can temporarily replace the Leprechaun.

A poll is being conducted on Twitter asking if the sculpture should be replaced with a red Imp, Imp Trail selfie sign, or something else for the time being.

The survey has three days left at the time of writing.

Bradley Pennell, 20 years old, of Ogilvy Drive, Bottesford, Scunthorpe, was charged with property damage in connection with the incident that occurred around 4:15 p.m. He has been released on bail and is due to appear before Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on August 5.

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