Kids wreak havoc in Lincolnshire town as lockdown restrictions are eased

Police have announced that they have been looking into a number of incidents involving children across the county.

Officers were called in to deal with pesky children in Long Sutton.

Lincolnshire Police said: “Police are aware of the ongoing problems of youth-related antisocial behavior in Long Sutton.

“We know a group of young people between the ages of 13 and 17 and we would appreciate it if we continued to report incidents of crime and antisocial behavior.

“CCTV or dashcam recordings of incidents would be particularly useful.

“Please call 101 with information or concerns indicating ECINS 272858.”

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And it wasn’t just in the south of the county.

Police also had to deal with an incident involving children outside Lincoln drinking underage when lockdown restrictions were relaxed.

Yesterday, March 30th, the troop said: “Alcohol was confiscated and disposed of from underage young people in the Skellingthorpe Youth Shelter.

“A young lady ran away with a bottle of wine … Unfortunately, she had forgotten that we had only met yesterday. There is no need to hunt down when a quick phone call to mum is enough.”

The Lincolnshire Police Department has been approached to determine if there has been an incident where large groups have met and broken the rules but have not yet responded.

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