Katie Price revisits mucky mansion – says kids hate it as bathroom floor almost caves in

Katie Price gave fans a glimpse of her filthy mansion for the first time in months as she prepares to return to the infamous property for the full day.

The Glamor model bought the sprawling Sussex family home for £ 1.3million in 2014, but the property has become a shadow of its former glory in recent years. Builders were called in to arrange the repairs.

In her latest YouTube video, due to be released in full tonight, Katie gives her boyfriend Carl Woods a glimpse into the renovations.

But things are far from rosy when Katie admits she hates the place and her five children agree.

When Carl went to explore the bathroom, Katie had to warn her friend to kick carefully as the floor was in danger of sagging.

Katie Price admitted that she hated her old house when she returned with boyfriend Carl Woods to renovate the property

Carl urged the star to see the retreat as a new beginning

“It looks better every time you come in here,” Carl said hopefully as Katie led him through the rooms that were home to many of the dramatic moments of her warts and all of the reality shows

“You make me feel better,” Katie replied.

“What I mean is … I haven’t groaned a single time and I hate this house,” she whined as she led the tour.

Carl then suggested that Katie consider the property a blank canvas and “paint it white” so she could start over.

“You will come in a day and it will be white and fresh and then you can see it and think, ‘What can I do?'” Said Carl.

Katie told the cameras that there was still work to be done and that her children “hated” the house

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“I need to have a new bathroom,” Katie groaned in response.

When Carl caught a glimpse of the bathroom, he was shocked by the condition of the floor tiles.

“It looks like it’s breaking through,” he laughed.

“Be careful it could!” Pricey advised.

She was later seen telling the camera how much her children despise this place.

“The kids hate this house,” she admitted.

Carl couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked into the bathroom

He said the ground looked like it might collapse

The mother moved to the property with her then-husband Kieran Hayler in 2014 – in the same year they welcomed their second child Bunny.

The couple made the sprawling mansion home together with children Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny.

After Katie moved into a rented house around the corner from her first husband Peter Andre last year, she swore she would never go to the Mucky Mansion.

However, she was spotted again at Sussex Manor last month when the new Beau Carl pulled his belongings back.

Katie accumulated a lot of trash during her time at the Sussex mansion

The outside area also had to be tidied up

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The place had remained habitable after being searched by intruders last year.

“I hate it, I just hate it. It looks searched,” Katie said at the time.

“I can’t live in a place like this, someone did that to my house on purpose. It’s so disheartening that it should be.”

However, it seems that the mother has had a change of heart and is now trying to make a fresh start with her friend Carl in her old place.

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