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Johnstone’s Stainaway Review – stain block and topcoat rolled into one

Posted by Mike Gregory

Johnstone’s Stainaway is an emulsion that acts as a top coat and stain block in one, eliminating the need for a separate product. It is available in white or any color from Johnstone’s extensive range. You can pick it up in 2.5L, 5L or 10L at any JJC, a million other dealers, or online at places like the Paint Shed.

You must adhere to the 4 hour recoat time on this product for the stain protection features to work. I’m about to get into my Johnstone’s Stainaway review. I hope you find it useful.

On demand

The coverage of Johnstones Stainaway is fantastic. You can easily get an extreme color change in two layers which is really ideal. You’ll find it easy to use too, but does it do what it claims to be? Block stains and act as a top coat in one?

Johnstone’s Stainaway as a stain block

Well, while it works as a stain blocker, I wouldn’t use it there as one of the best paints for blocking a stain. Johnstone’s Stainaway can handle nicotine, small watermarks, small molds, blue glue residue, and the like. However, if your stains are pretty bad, you’ll need something a little more suitable. This product often failed for me, even after the “4-hour overpainting time” was adhered to. There are still many jobs that Stainaway is capable of. So just choose where you want to use it.

Johnstones Stainaway The Finish Coat

I’ll start by making sure this product is beautiful to spray and leaves an amazing finish. If you are a paint sprayer you have no problems at all.

When you use a brush and roller, you run into some problems. Although Johnstones Stainaway is applied in two layers, the second can represent a frame or lightning bolt. Roller markings are visible on light-sensitive areas. It really is a shame.


Johnstones Stainaway is a stain block and top coat in one, but a compromise between the two. It blocks stains unless they’re stubborn. You can use it as a top coat, but the finish isn’t perfect.

To put it another way; Conventional stain blocks work better on stains and traditional emulsions work better as an end product.

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