Johnstones StainAway On Water stains

Johnstones StainAway On Water Patches…. a proper rating by professional decorator Richard Irons

Ever wondered if Johnston’e StainAway works on water stains? An honest answer comes …

If today wasn’t bad enough, this bunch of s ** t would have failed miserably.

I spoke to their tech team and they literally found every excuse in the book.

“It has to be sanded first” – that was it

“You have to let it stand long enough” – I’ve done it twice. (4.5 hours for the second shift and the next day for the third shift)

“Problem is still active” – ​​it was not as tested.

“It has to be warm enough and stay there longer” – the room temperature was between 7pm and 8pm all day

“Room ventilation must be sufficient” – it is a large living room with three doors that are open to other rooms.

“Well, you have to open windows” – it’s p ****** out there and 4 degrees, why should that help?

The first picture was before the start, the second picture was taken after the first coat on the main stains and the last picture shows a dry third and final coat.

s ***** product, s ***** customer service and s ***** finish even with critical lighting.

Wankers selling things that don’t work make my p *** boil. I waste so much money trying new products with false claims

“Permanently isolating and covering the toughest stains, including water stains, in one layer” – absolutely p ***.

Banged on a bit of AM. Let dry in 20 minutes.

Johnstones StainAway On Water Stains – For more information click here

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