Intensive chicken farm plans near Grantham back before councillors

A previously rejected 270,000 bird-poultry unit near Grantham is back before city councils next week, and city council officials are again recommending approval.

If successful, a six-shed farm will be set up at the High Dike in Great Ponton in the plans before the South Kesteven District Council on Wednesday, which Adas UK applied for on behalf of Bowler Adams.

The council rejected the proposals back in February 2020 because the Woodland Trust had concerns about the effects of ammonia on a nearby ancient forest area.

Activists and those who opposed the plans at the time said they were “cruel” and accused it of being a “chicken prison”.

A nearby school also said parents had threatened to remove their children and that their very existence was “threatened”.

City councils were also upset by a “threatening” and “intimidating” letter from the applicant’s attorney.

A report before city councils next Wednesday said an appeal was filed against the decision but was later withdrawn.

Layout plans for the chicken farm.

Officials will inform city councils that “more detailed” reports have been submitted on the impact of the development and that “if this development occurs, taking into account relevant information, no significant or interactive environmental impact is predicted”.

The Woodland Trust has upheld its objection to the motion related to the ancient woodland.

However, compared to 144 objections and a petition with 25,000 signatures last year, only 13 households have raised concerns about this latest request.

These include the effects on freeways, noise, odor and pollution, as well as the effects on Great Ponton’s elementary school and cultural heritage, including Ellys Manor House.

A letter of support recognized the economic benefits of the proposal for the local community.

The application is also supported by the Great Ponton Parish Council and the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire County Council Highways or Natural England have raised no objections.

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