Hundreds of homes left without power after electric box bursts into flames

More than 200 Lincoln households were affected by a power outage due to a fire in an electrical junction box.

Firefighters and the Electricity Department were called shortly after noon on Thursday, April 8, on the corner of Addison Drive and Ruskin Avenue.

The police closed the area for “security reasons”.

Western Power Distribution confirmed that by 2 p.m., 49 households had electricity back on, but 219 households were without electricity. It is estimated that power will be fully restored at 8 p.m.

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Gary Borman, 47, of Addison Drive, told Lincolnshire Live, “The fire was like a burst of flames, then black smoke that would have been the cables.

“It only took a few seconds each time.

“It would start again then.

“My main concern is why this caught fire? I’ve never heard of it.”

A junction box caught fire

61-year-old neighbor Amanda Larkin was in her yard when her 10-year-old grandson drew her attention to the flames.

She said, “The flames went up and then went down again.

“It took about 10 minutes.”

Western Power Distribution posted the statement on its website: “We are aware of this power outage incident that occurred at 12:08 pm this afternoon and our engineers are working to have the power returned as soon as possible.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

“Please bookmark or revisit this page for any updates as we will keep you informed of our progress and the latest information on this incident.”

The reason for the blackout was as follows: “There is currently a fault in our underground network. We are working hard to solve the problem.”

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