Hull woman wows Instagram as she turns bland home ‘bold and bright’

A Hull woman wowed makeover fans on Instagram with her “brave and bright” home transformation.

Hayley Birch lives on the Avenues and bought the house with her husband three years ago.

She says it was “very neutral” when they first moved in until they “gradually started adding color”.

The 32-year-old says they are trying to reuse and recycle them wherever they can.

“Over time, our color choices have gotten a lot bolder and brighter,” she said. “We didn’t do anything essential structurally, mainly just added color with paint and wallpaper.

“We removed a lot of old wallpaper, did a lot of poly filler and sanded, stripped woodwork. We also removed carpets and laid laminate floors.

See before and after pictures of your home in the video above.

Hayley Birch told how she gave her “neutral” home a “bold and bright” transformation

She continued: “Our biggest renovation was our kitchen, in which we ended up putting everything back in the brick, plasterboard and plaster, then tiling and wallpapering.

“The hallway and stairs were a big job too, we took down all of the woodwork and replaced the floorboards and then hand-painted them. We repainted kitchen cabinets and recently repainted the kitchen floor.”

Ms. Birch says she can’t put a figure on her expenses, but they try to save each month and use whatever money they have left over for the house.

She recently set up an Instagram page devoted to sharing snapshots of her home – @walbirchmansion.

“I thought about creating an Instagram page for the house for a long time, but never got around to it,” she said. “I started using Instagram as inspiration for our own house, then in March I decided I wanted to start my own Instagram page.

“The response has been amazing. Social media can get a bad rap, but I can honestly say it was very supportive in this case. It’s a great little community where people share ideas and inspiration and complement each other at home .

“I’ve also been contacted by companies who want me to promote their products, which is really flattering.”

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She explained the inspiration behind her Instagram name: “Walbirch is a mixture of my maiden name Walby and my married name Birch. The word villa just seemed to work, so I used it when it is nowhere near one. “

Talking about some of her other transformations, she added, “We also customized and built shelving to suit our needs and spaces. And also cabinets adapted and built for storage.

“We also built our own pallet corner sofa in the garden.”

Hayley Birch and her husband live on the avenues

Hayley Birch and her husband live on the avenues

The 32-year-old says she only advises homeowners what makes them happy.

“My tip for homeowners is to do whatever makes you happy in your home,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to do things because you are worried about what other people might think. It’s your house, you make it yours.

“We did all the work ourselves. The move made it all self-taught in three years. It was an interesting journey.”

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