Huge anger over ‘disgraceful’ act in village cemetery

People in a village near Retford were upset when their cemetery was attacked by fly tippers.

Mattersey parish council was alerted to the dumped car tires by a visitor to the village cemetery on Friday April 30th.

The council says a service had to be held with the chaos still in view.

A post on the Mattersey Parish Council Facebook page said: “Fly tipping is an increasing problem in rural areas, costing the county council and landowners thousands of pounds annually to dispose of garbage, which in public areas Privately owned areas and fields. “

“Mattersey and Mattersey Thorpe have seen this problem the past few years, but the last episode is particularly troubling when old car tires were found thrown over the railings in the cemetery.

“The local council spends thousands of pounds each year to keep the cemetery in good condition, to respect the people buried in it, and to ensure that visiting relatives are in a safe environment.

“There was a funeral the day the tires were unloaded that must have upset relatives and friends.”

The tires have since been cleared.

Meanwhile, Mattersey Town Council has advised residents to keep an eye out for the culprits in tipping the fly.

“The local council would urge anyone who sees tipped flies to report the matter to the police and the county council,” they added.

“Take pictures of the vehicles, protect yourself, but try to stop this horrific activity.

“For those who throw and dispose of rubbish – you could face fines of up to £ 50,000 and 12 months in prison, and be banned from driving and bruising your vehicle.

“Please stop and show consideration for other people – be proud of your country.”

Those sentiments were confirmed by Mattersey Parish Council employee Adele Haddon when speaking with Lincolnshire Live.

“Fly tipping is very bad in our area,” she said.

“There is a gentleman who lives in Mattersey Thorpe who clears garbage bags from a small lay house two or three times a week.

“It’s more than a joke now, especially for farmers in the area who have to clear large truckloads of rubbish that are thrown into gates.

“Throwing rubbish in a cemetery was the last straw for us, however.”

Ms. Haddon told Lincolnshire Live that this was the first time the cemetery has been attacked by fly tippers.

She added, “A cemetery is a place to reflect, to feel close to loved ones who are no longer there. We recently expanded the cemetery to make it look good for residents.

“It must have been terrible, especially since there was a funeral that day – we just didn’t have time to clear it before the service.

“The incident was very worrying.

“I would urge fly dumpers to take a moment to stop and think about what they are doing.

“That way they pass their ‘problem’ on to someone else to sort it out.

“The thing is, it’s not a problem for them as they are provided with garbage disposal facilities.

“People have to take stock and stop being so selfish.”

The Bassetlaw District Council and the Environment Agency have the authority to investigate fly dump trucks and take action against them.

The council mainly investigates several one-off cases of flies tipping and is responsible for the disposal of litter dumped on public land.

Large-scale fly overturning involving organized gangs must be investigated by the environmental agency.

Households must now verify that anyone they allow to remove their waste is allowed to do so.

Residents should contact the Environment Agency on 08708 506506 and request a waste transport company inspection.

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