How to Avoid Roller Marks When Painting a Ceiling

How to avoid roll marks when painting a ceiling

By Mike Cupit

Gone are the days when a decorator just used a cheap matte emulsion to paint a ceiling. Finish is everything and you can have problems with roller marks and picture frames if you are not careful. As a decorator, I know when I’m likely to have problems like this. I also know there are a few steps you can take to avoid roll marks on a ceiling. I thought I would put pen on paper and explain.

Light critical or large open-plan ceilings are generally more difficult to find. This is because light shines across the ceiling, revealing any imperfections.

Use the right color

Inexpensive mats, retail paints, or a high-gloss emulsion generally create problems. However, there are some very good products that you can use whether you are painting with white or a tinted color. I am now going to mention my three favorite and most forgiving products. The general characteristic of each of my favorite products is the degree of gloss. You need a perfect and flat mat if you want to avoid roller marks.

Johnstones perfect mate

Perfect Matt is a premium paint that you can buy online or at any Johnstone’s Decorating Center. It comes with a premium price tag. If budget is an issue, consider looking at the other options. It is a completely flat mat, shows no stains like roller stains and you can even touch up this emulsion.

Tikkurila anti-reflex

Anti-reflective is a little cheaper than Perfect Matt and a very strange color, but the finish is amazing !! You should apply very generous layers for a rich, luxurious finish. This is easily my favorite color on a ceiling and a very popular choice among decorators. You can order this product online.

Goodhome Durable

Known as “white gold” in the decoration world, this is one of the few retail colors I stand by. It’s a permanent emulsion that is available from B&Q for a very reasonable price. You will have very little experience with flashing or picture frames. The quality of the durable Goodhome mat is excellent considering the price.

You got the color, what’s next

If you are using a quality paint, brush and roller stains can be lightly diluted with clean water first. Then you should use a brush to cut around the edge of your room and lights.

Next you should roll. Make sure to use a long or medium stacking roll on a pole. Start with a natural light source. This way you can look back on your work and spot heavy roll marks. Get lots of paint on your ceiling and spread it out in long, even passes. Don’t go over and over your work as it dries unless you need it too and don’t panic if it looks stained before it’s dry !!

How do other decorators avoid roller marking on ceilings?

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