How Boston traders are preparing for an exciting comeback

Boston companies are busy replenishing their shelves and creating new seating areas as they look forward to serving more customers starting April 12th.

Coronavirus restrictions will be further eased as part of the government’s roadmap plan, allowing hairdressers and non-essential stores to reopen and serving pub and restaurant customers in outdoor seating areas.

Boston Soap will be fully opening its new store in Pescod Square Shopping Center for the first time on April 12th and will be inaugurated two days later, having operated Click and Collect since earlier this year.

The company, which was run by Chris and Michelle Mountain, was previously located at Waterfall Plaza.

Boston soap

Mr. Mountain, 37, said, “It’s really exciting to open a physical store.

“I think Michelle was a bit overwhelmed at first that moving to the unit on a main street location was a big step for us.

“But she and the three employees are absolutely jumping up and down now.

“We’re entering a new era of high street shopping.

“It’s going back to something special and Pescod Square is going back to local independent dealers.

“We carry a range of soaps supplied by independent soap houses, and we are also a local authorized Yankee Candle and Woodwick retailer.

“We rely on unique ecological products that are good for the environment and for people and people in your wallet.”

The new outdoor seating area at Cafe Noglish

Mark and Anne-Britt Pearce, who have been serving Scandinavian takeaway food from their new Cafe Noglish store in Wide Bargate since December, have already built an outdoor dining area.

Mark, 50, said: “We are very excited. We hope for a good summer.

“I screwed our chairs into the bottom of the outdoor seating area.

“Everyone who has been to the café has seen it and you will soon be able to sit in it.

“Some people don’t come in right now because they don’t want to run and have a coffee – they want to sit and enjoy it.”

Richard Mumford, landlord of the Bricklayers Arms in Old Leake, and his partner Paddy Melaugh, the licensee of The King’s Arms on Horncastle Road in Boston

Richard Mumford, 53, landlord with the Bricklayers Arms in Old Leake, said: “We look forward to reopening.

“We’re putting a roof over the patio area on the side of the function room and my plan is to make a roof over the main deck.

“Good weather will certainly help us make the most of our outdoor space.”

LEC – GV of Pescod Square Shopping Center, 15 Pescod Square, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6QX.

Lisa Dawson, director of the Pescod Square shopping center, said many stores were diligently preparing for April 12th.

She said, “Many of his stores have huge deliveries of new inventory.

“When they closed in December, fashion stores and bookstores had Christmas items like diaries and calendars.

“Costa and Greggs will be opening up their outdoor seating areas.

“The shopping center will have a really nice feeling again and we want to increase visitor frequency.

“There won’t be any outdoor queues as many stores have the capacity.

“The mall will be clean and tidy and there will be hand sanitizing stations at the three entrances.”

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