‘Half-price’ home renovators created stunning £13,000 kitchen for just £1,200

A husband and wife DIY duo explained how they completely renovated their kitchen for a little over £ 1,200 instead of splitting out £ 13,000.

Mark Kelly and Kelly Kelly of Tyldesley in Greater Manchester say they are “obsessed with saving money” and scour the web for second-hand bargains on sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree.

They also taught themselves how to do certain DIY tasks, like tiling and carpentry, so they wouldn’t have to pay someone else to do it.

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, who have appeared on TV shows like Don’t Tell the Bride and Coach Trip, designed their new kitchen based on a kitchen they saw in a well-known store.

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The kitchen under renovation

They say the kitchen units alone would have cost between £ 8,000 and £ 9,000, but they managed to get hold of similar versions for just £ 500 at Gumtree.

They were stunned when the Ex-Display units arrived with all the equipment and although they were in “correct condition” they managed to clean them up so that they look like new.

The couple also found gray tiles for sale on a local Facebook group for half the price they would have paid on Wickes – four boxes for £ 20.

Mr Kelly even created his island unit himself after trading a local vendor for two lengths of solid oak ranging from £ 150 to £ 100.

He also managed to get the laminate free for the island on Gumtree, using wood from a stud wall that they had previously removed from another room.

It is now an elegant and modern room after the renovation

It is now an elegant and modern room after the renovation

These gray tiles were picked up cheaply by a Facebook group

These gray tiles were picked up cheaply by a Facebook group

They estimate that the total cost of the finished kitchen, including the time they spent on it, would have been £ 1,200.

This saves them around £ 11,800 off the approximate guide price of £ 13,000 they say would have cost them if they’d paid full price for everything and brought in professionals.

Mr Kelly told the Manchester Evening News: “We are obsessed with saving money – my wife will tell you that, frankly, I am tighter than a cramp.

“We found the kitchen units at Gumtree for just £ 500 and when they showed up they had all the appliances we couldn’t believe it.

“It was in good condition because it was ex-display, but we cleaned it up and you’d never know it wasn’t new when we finished.”

The finished kitchen looks absolutely stunning

The finished kitchen looks absolutely stunning

Mark and Kelly are now hoping to get their budget makeover on TV

Mark and Kelly are now hoping to get their budget makeover on TV

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Mr. and Mrs. Kelly are professional entertainers who put on magic and music shows at live venues and holiday parks.

But when the lockdown went into effect last year and their business had to be shut down, they decided to hone their DIY skills and launched Rooms Reloved, where they took inspiration on how to find bargains and build homes on a budget.

The couple, who have three children, Leah, 15, Beth, 11, and Logan, 4, want to buy everything they need for home renovations at half price or less.

Not only have they renovated rooms in their own home, but they have saved other families in the North East of England hundreds of pounds redecorating bedrooms and bathrooms.

Mark is working on another project

Mark is working on another project

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In an interview with Der Spiegel, the two claim that they are currently in talks with a production company to convert their budget ideas into a TV program.

Mr. Kelly said, “When the lockdown came in, everything just stopped for us as professional entertainers and presenters. We had to look at what else we can do and use whatever skills we have.

“I’ve taught myself DIY skills over the years by shadowing local builders and YouTube videos here and there.

“Kelly watches every design and makeover show on TV and lives online looking for new ideas before I start work so that we can both really take on as much as possible.”

How much did the couple spend – and what did they save?

Units with appliances – £ 500 (should have been £ 9,000)

Fridge / Freezer – £ 300 (should have been £ 500)

Island – £ 100 (should have been £ 150)

Gray Laminate for Island – Free (should have been £ 120)

Wall tiles – £ 20 (should have been £ 40)

Floor tiles – £ 260 (paid full price)

Paid in total – £ 1,180 – non-working

Original cost – £ 10,070 – excluding labor costs which the couple estimates would have brought the total to around £ 13,000

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