#GetConsent campaign launches in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire | News

Humberside Police are working under the “contract of operation” to protect those at risk

Author: Rebecca QuarmbyPublished 47 minutes ago

After the nightclubs reopen, officials will patrol the cities and town centers to speak to door staff and licensees to raise awareness about consent issues.

The police are also looking for people at risk who have drunk too much.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Thorp is leading the campaign, he said:

“You may be wondering why we are doing this campaign now. Before the pandemic, we knew that 25% of the rapes and sexual assaults reported to us were directly related to the night economy, half of them drug and alcohol use.

“The summer months of July and August are the months when we tend to receive the most reports of sexual assault and rape at our control center.

“This campaign is about raising awareness of the issue of consent in the hope that we can prevent, reduce and discourage abusers from attacking vulnerable people. #GetConsent is all about that – just because you meet someone on a night out and flirt, dance and kiss, it doesn’t mean that person wants to take things further or have sex. If the person is drunk or has been on drugs, you may not be able to be sure that the person is completely satisfied with the situation or that they actually consent to what is happening.

“Consent means respect and not the assumption that the other person is okay with what is happening or taking advantage of that person if they are vulnerable. Approval is the top priority. Let us be clear in our message – sex without consent is rape. ”

The #GetConsent campaign is being conducted in conjunction with the live police operation Operation Contract, which will also be launched after restrictions are relaxed.

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