First looked at planned new RNLI station for Cleethorpes

Lifesavers have revealed plans for their new Cleethorpes station with a brand new lifeboat.

The RNLI hopes to put the new station into operation by 2023 and bring its new, more powerful B-Class Atlantic 85 to market.

That will speed up their life-saving response in the harshest weather conditions, says the lifeboat charity.

A fundraising campaign has been launched to raise an additional £ 80,000 to help them meet their £ 200,000 goal.

The charity has installed steps to the beach that are required to maintain public access when the building is standing.

Negotiations are currently underway to set a start date for the main construction of the boathouse, which the RNLI hopes will be completed by mid-2023.

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Artist’s impression of the new RNLI station in Cleethorpes

A new lifeboat station has been planned in Cleethorpes for some time; After the planning and other permits have been received and the property ownership problems have been resolved, the project can now move into the earthworks.

The RNLI has released artist impressions to show what the stunning new building will look like when completed, subject to changes during the construction project.

Mick Fowler, Lifeboat Operations Manager for the resort, said, “The confirmation of the construction of our new station is an exciting moment for all of our volunteers in Cleethorpes, both operationally and fundraising, as it gets one step closer to moving into the new one Facility.”

The new station will be built on the beach in front of the current one and offers the possibility of positioning a second lifeboat in Cleethorpes, a more powerful B-class Atlantic 85, which will complement the existing D-class lifeboat.

The new steps planned as part of the new RNLI station in Cleethorpes

The new steps planned as part of the new RNLI station in Cleethorpes

This will allow the charity to respond more quickly to a wide variety of incidents in a wider range of weather conditions while ensuring the safety of its volunteers.

The new station will have its own slipway for loading and unloading boats. Currently, the lifeboat has to cross a public road in a cul-de-sac.

The changing and training facilities will also be greatly improved and the RNLI shop will also move on site and give the volunteers access to running water and a toilet, both of which are not available at the current location. The total cost of the project is around £ 3 million and is funded by the RNLI.

Community Manager Nikki Wrench said, “We have set a goal of raising £ 200,000 to rebuild the station, and so far have raised £ 120,000 through the amazing fundraising efforts made by all of our life saving volunteers and community supporters. We need your help to raise the remaining £ 80,000 so that our volunteer crew can continue to save lives, train safely and provide this vital service to the local community. “

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Jamie King, Area Lifesaving Manager for Humber and Lincolnshire added, “This new station will be a big change, not just for the life saving services we offer in the area, but also for the way our volunteers are in a much safer and more efficient environment than is possible in the current building. “

The next phase of construction will be the most disruptive; In addition to tenders and detailed planning, discussions are still ongoing about the necessary building permits.

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