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Eco Union Eco-Friendly Painting Tools Review and How-to

Posted by Mike Gregory

Eco Union is an entirely new brand dedicated to developing environmentally friendly painting tools. They have a few products in their range that are worth talking about. I’ll go over each of them, explain a little about them, and give my honest opinion as a decorator. I hope you find it useful.

Eco Union OXO Biodegradable stamen

This is not the type of duster you would lie and stand on the floor, but rather a spare sheet to protect furniture or kitchen countertops. As a decorator, I would normally resort to single-use plastic for this type of job. I buy it off the roll and go through a lot of it every week. At the end of a big job, there are often trash bags full of things that are all sent to landfills, where they stay for about 10,000 years. This practice is very polluting, but I’m not the only decorator who uses plastic sheeting.

I didn’t know it was possible to have a biodegradable version !! This is a game changer for me. It does the same job as a plastic roll, and it’s about the same price. I would like to believe that every decorator will be using biodegradable dusters in the years to come. This is a big win for Eco Union and the environment.

Eco Union paint trays

I prefer to use paint putty over trays. However, I will base my review on how the Eco Union color tablet compares to other tablets. This is another product that is biodegradable and eliminates even more single-use plastics. I don’t know how to describe the material it’s made of, maybe some kind of hardened cardboard with a coating on it?

In any case, the Eco Union paint tray is robust enough to be used over and over again. It has a party trick too, you don’t have to wash out this product. Simply wipe any excess paint back into the can and let the tray dry. The dry paint will stick to your tray and will never flake off. When you use it again, just put your new paint on top of the dried paint from the previous use.

If anything, the Eco Union paint tray is better than traditional plastic trays.

Eco Union extra thick brush

You can use this brush for any type of paint. It consists of a bamboo handle, a recycled metal clamp and a mixture of natural bristles. It’s a bit top heavy so your hand can hurt if you use it all day. However, it contains a tremendous amount of color and is very easy to control. I have to say, I really like this brush and use mine a lot. It’s worth noting that the brushes are handcrafted in the UK.

Eco Union makes a different brush that isn’t quite as thick. Here, too, it is advertised that it is suitable for “all color types”. However, it is very thin and soft, so all-round use may not be an option. It is great for painting between sleeves or pipes. It comes into its own when water-based trim paints are applied.

Eco Union roll frame and sleeve

These are products that I cannot cope with. The frame seems well made at first, but the arm and handle soon loosen slightly, meaning there is some movement within the tool.

The shell made of recycled plastic distributes the color well after it has been incorporated. However, it will leave tiny air bubbles on your finished wall or ceiling, which is not ideal.

Overall view of Eco Union

I think Eco Union has achieved what they set out to do. They have created an environmentally friendly selection of commercial grade painting tools. Other than maybe the roller and frame, I have no problems using these products and will continue to buy them in the future. In particular the biodegradable dust film, which I believe should replace all single-use plastic films used in the decoration industry.

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