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Professional Decorator’s Personal Blog – Have you ever started a job and wish you hadn’t?

Get a call from a friend of a friend of a friend who happens to be a twinkle. Want his bungalow painting. He will provide the paint and all of the materials just want us to do the work. He said about 3 days of work for 2 men.

I got to work on Monday at 7am to find a construction site. Scaffolding up, an extension to the side that is just a shell without a roof, an extension to the rear that has no roof and the garage is halfway converted.

Enter the house and there is shit everywhere! The plasterer left all his equipment around the property, the carpenter just dropped all the pieces of wood at his feet, it’s an inch thick all over with dust, tools, etc., etc. I said to the client, don’t believe us ? Are you a little early to start? No, no, no, just keep going.

End of the first day, okay. Okay at the end of the 2nd day. On the third day a walk arrives and there are large pieces of wall missing! The plumber was there after we left! So this is a wall that we already painted to fill, sand, and repaint.

Departure for the weekend, arrival Monday this week. 2 painted ceilings were freshly plastered again! Ask the customer what happened and oh, the roofer fell through the roof on Saturday and then pissed on it on Sunday, so that ceiling had to come down and be done again !! The plasterer has more plaster on the freshly painted walls and skirts than on the ceiling, so a lot of time is wasted cleaning up after him. The paint delivered is cheap and nasty and smells terrible! Gently wipe the plaster stains all over the wall and it’ll bring color! Ffs! So this is another wall that needs to be done all over again!

Now the 3-day job has become a 5-day job for us today, and I assume that with all the additional elements that were not mentioned at the beginning, it will also take another 3 or 4 days!

2 walls that we have wallpapered need to be renewed. One was damaged and wet when the ceiling was plastered again and the other was caught by the plumber reassembling his radiators. The customer was just crazy about blaming us and saying we did the damage! He’s angry because it’s paper that his wife ordered from Germany and it takes 3 weeks to arrive!

I really wish I hadn’t returned his call by now!

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