Decorating Customers Don’t Like You Finishing Early

Decorating customers don’t like that you finish too early

From anonymous

99% of decoration customers don’t like it if you finish early after grafting your butt! I just finished an outside today that we started this morning too. 11 windows, 7 frames, 1 garage door and various masonry. It all became white. The windows needed a good sand backing and two-part filler on most of the window sills.

Part of the masonry had to be scraped back and stains sealed. All of the work I had a primer and a gloss finish. Most of the window sills had to be primed with Zinsser covering glaze.

Remember, there are two of us. We finished for 3 p.m. after starting at 7:15 p.m. A customer’s cheeky so-and-so asked for a discount because we were done in 1 day. The price was £ 550 !! They supplied the trade color so my bill is for work only.

I indicated that she would be willing to pay extra if it took 2 days? Of course she said “not at all”. This happens far too often in our trade that customers hate it when you refine your money and earn….

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