Crown PX3 & PX4 Primer Review

The first comment I have is that I know this is a grip / bridging primer, so not a high opacity primer. I thought the solvent based paint would have more opacity than them, but I’ve been water based for about 5 to 6 years so I may remember solvent based paints from before.

I left the surface for an hour and did a light scratch test with my thumbnail and it didn’t budge. I really scratched it the next day and even with the shark fin on my knife it didn’t budge at all!

The next foray was into a bathroom where the old man had used Dulux Trade Oil based eggshell on wallpaper in 1976 !! The wallpaper was blown vinyl so couldn’t give good sand. I did a test patch with PX4 and it packed perfectly. This video is straight ahead after 20 minutes without denibing the surface.

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