CORONAVIRUS: Four areas in Lincolnshire well above national average as county rates fall

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In North Lincolnshire, South Holland, Boston and South Kesteven the infection rate is more than 96 per 100,000 inhabitants, more than twice the English average of 43.9.

Eight of the nine districts have seen their infection rates decline since Good Friday, with the largest drop being in North Lincolnshire – a third. However, the agency still has one of the highest quotas in the country, ranking 11th.

The latest North Lincolnshire epidemiological report attributed this to further tests on children returning to school. North Lincolnshire Council has been contacted for more information.

Despite the high infection rate in recent weeks, North Lincolnshire has seen a sharp decline, which is now at a similar level to South Holland.

South Holland and Boston had some of the highest national infection rates since the pandemic began, with health bosses blaming much of the district’s population who worked in low-income or low-hour employment areas such as contract work, agriculture and factories.

As a result, some may fear taking time off for financial reasons to self-isolate. For example, more than a quarter of South Holland is involved in food production.

Here are Greater Lincolnshire infection rates through April 5:

Lincoln and North Kesteven have the lowest infection rates in the region and are below the UK average, which could be due to fewer jobs manufacturing goods.

West Lindsey has seen a nearly 50% decline over the past week. On March 26, it became known that a nursing home had broken out in the district and residents were being vaccinated.

Overall, Greater Lincolnshire has dropped around 20 infections per 100,000 since March 29, but it remains almost double the UK average.

Professor Derek Ward, Director of Public Health at Lincolnshire County Council, said, “The more important question I think is how many people end up in the hospital and unfortunately how many people lose their lives to COVID.”

However, he added that infection rates “are definitely going down very much and that is really good news”.

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